About NewConfig

NewConfig is a professional firm specializing in Salesforce recruitment. With a team of experienced recruiters and industry experts, we provide tailored staffing solutions to companies in Kansas looking to hire top talent in the Salesforce ecosystem. As a leading Salesforce recruitment agency, we understand the unique requirements of businesses and strive to connect them with the best candidates who possess the right skills and knowledge.

Looking for Talent? We Can Help

At NewConfig, we have a vast network of highly skilled Salesforce professionals who are ready to take on various roles within your organization. Whether you're looking to hire Salesforce administrators, developers, consultants, architects, or other roles, we can help you find the perfect fit for your team. Our extensive screening process ensures that we only present you with candidates who match your specific needs, saving you time and effort in the hiring process.

Our Salesforce Recruiters

With years of experience in the Salesforce industry, our team at NewConfig has developed a deep understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem and the challenges faced by businesses in finding the right talent. We are committed to providing exceptional recruitment services, leveraging our extensive network and expertise to source and place top Salesforce professionals. Our collaborative approach, combined with our passion for connecting employers with skilled candidates, sets us apart as a trusted Salesforce recruitment partner.

Take the Next Step with NewConfig

If you're looking for Salesforce recruitment, NewConfig is here to help. Fill out our contact form to get in touch with our dedicated team of recruiters who will guide you through the hiring process and find the best talent for your organization. Alternatively, explore our expertise pages to learn more about our specialized recruitment services, such as Salesforce developers and consultants. We are committed to helping businesses in Kansas succeed by connecting them with skilled professionals who can drive their Salesforce initiatives to new heights.

Connect with us on LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest industry trends and job opportunities. Don't miss out on finding the right talent for your Salesforce team. Trust NewConfig's expertise in Salesforce recruitment in Kansas and let us help you build a high-performing team that drives success.