Are You Losing on Lousy Sales Recruitment Efforts?


As a business person, you understand the importance of ROI. When recruiting for revenue driven positions, like sales talent, you also know excellent recruitment can translate to a significant ROI.

However, have you considered the cost of lousy recruitment? In your sales recruitment efforts, you must view ROI from two perspectives: not merely the returns but the costs, too.

NewConfig, a leading sales recruitment firm, understands the value of ROI. In our extensive industry experience, we have learned that most sales hiring managers lack experience, capital, and time.

The Costs of Bad Sales Recruitment

As The Center for American Progress notes, the cost to replace an employee is 21% of their annual salary. However, bad sales recruitment efforts amplify costs. And, of course, far more costly than lousy recruitment efforts alone is the cost of a bad hire.

Training. Management. Loss of productivity. A bad hire depletes valuable resources.

More worrisome is the invisible costs of a bad hire. As Forbes notes:

“When you hire and keep the wrong people, your team questions your ability to make smart decisions. No one is more affected by this than top performers,” who may leave your firm in favor of another firm, taking “their knowledge and skills — the building blocks of your company — with them.”

To find the best Sales candidate —and minimize the potential of a bad hire—is to contact a trusted sales recruitment agency, like NewConfig.

Unlike many sales recruiters, NewConfig is an industry insider. Our recruitment executives have the connections and know-how to discover and attract superstar sales employees. With NewConfig, you can confidently outsource the work of sales recruitment: from marketing the position to sourcing and interviewing top talent, we know how to maximize ROI.

Save your firm time, money, and potentially disastrous morale problems. Call NewConfig.