Peoplesoft Staffing Services

Before we discuss our Peoplesoft Staffing Services, let’s start the story from the beginning of the Peoplesoft takeover. PeopleSoft was once a competitor to Oracle marketing similar products to businesses, governments, and organizations. After purchasing the company, in 2005, Oracle merged the best aspects of PeopleSoft’s software with Oracle’s software to create a new, comprehensive software suite.

Throughout this time, NewConfig’s recruiters worked in the IT industry, implementing products from both companies. Our knowledge of both PeopleSoft and Oracle software is informed by years of intensive, hands-on work. Today we bring that knowledge to the IT recruiting realm, helping businesses find the best professionals.

Why choose NewConfig?

Experienced Counsel

Before we established our own IT recruiting firm we worked for Fortune 500 companies, recruiting IT talent for a variety of PeopleSoft applications, including Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software, Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and more. Working with NewConfig, you benefit from our rich PeopleSoft experience. Because we’ve been there before, we can help you pinpoint your precise needs.

The Best Candidates

When recruiting PeopleSoft talent, pay special attention to the candidate’s experience. Some IT professionals exaggerate their experience; many job boards are populated with falsified resumes. Because we know PeopleSoft, we can quickly distinguish the pretenders from the talent.

Access to Hidden Candidates

Working with PeopleSoft for 10+ years, we developed a network of professionals. When you work with NewConfig, we give you access to this network.

How We Work

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