C# is a programming language created by Microsoft. C# can be used to create a multitude of different applications for the .NET framework. As Microsoft notes, you can use C# to “create Windows client applications, XML Web services, distributed components, client-server applications, database applications, and much, much more.”

Most IT recruiters link C# and .NET because C# so often depends on the .NET framework. Unfortunately, this fact—that C# is often dependent on .NET—is the extent of most recruiting agencies’ knowledge. To find an appropriate C#/.NET professional, trust a firm that understands the technology. NewConfig’s recruiters have used the C# language within the .NET framework. We can help you find the right C#/.NET professional for your project.

Why choose NewConfig?

Recruiting Guidance

What do you know about C#/.NET? If you’re outsourcing your IT staffing, you’re outsourcing this knowledge, too. This is sound reasoning. A good executive understands the value of specialization. You know your business. Your IT staffing agency should know C#/.NET. NewConfig’s knowledge of C#/.NET is based on years of hands-on experience. When you work with NewConfig, our recruiters guide you to the most appropriate candidates for your project.

Best C#/.Net Experts

NewConfig is part of a national network of C#/.NET professionals (see below). We understand how—and where—to find the best programmers for your project. To find the best C#/.NET experts you need a recruitment agency with industry connections.

Exclusive Network Access

A leading IT staffing agency, NewConfig has recruited .NET professionals for a variety of projects. Our recruiters have also worked in the IT industry as developers. We have many industry connections. Using our staffing experienced and industry connections, we have built a network of C# professionals we call upon.