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Web developers build, test, and maintain websites. Front-end software engineers work on the client-side view of the website: the images, text, and navigation tools that guide a user’s experience. Back-end software engineers work on the server-side programming of the website: all the components that make the front end run smoothly.

According to the recent Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 44% of all developers identify as “back-end developers” (compared to 27.42% front end developers). And according to a survey of recruiters, “back end developers top the list of the most in-demand tech jobs.”

Demand is only likely to grow in the coming years. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates a 13% growth by 2028 for all web development positions, “faster than the average for all occupations.”

Back-end developers have been a perennial need in the recruiting world for years. Many back-end development staffing agencies advertise quick turnarounds for full-time, freelance, and overseas talent to differentiate themselves.

NewConfig is a unique back-end development staffing firm. We promise quick results, but we also understand that a good hire is more important than an immediate result.

Our clients work with NewConfig because we understand the technology and the people. Our recruiters are former development professionals, and over the years, we have built an impressive roster of connections within the web development community. Please contact our Montgomery County, PA offices to learn more about our back-end developer staffing services.

And please see “Five Tips for Hiring a Back End Developer” below.

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NewConfig: Five Tips for Hiring a Back End Developer

Clarify Your Needs 

Back-end web development requires many skills, and back-end developers are usually proficient in various programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and PHP.

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Of course, some or all of the top programming languages may be relevant for your project, so it’s essential to clarify your needs before posting your position. That way, you’ll only attract candidates with the appropriate back-end developer skills.

Post a Detailed Job Description 

Beyond citing specific needs, your job description should accurately describe the scope of your position so that you attract candidates interested in the work. Since demand is historically high for back-end developer jobs, the top professionals can pick and choose desired positions. Ensure you attract professionals with the appropriate skills and enthusiasm for your project.

Find a Great Portfolio

Most web developers build portfolios to showcase skills, passions, and successful projects. Examining portfolios is often the most effective way to assess back-end developer skills and programming languages. Yet, the portfolio will also reveal crucial insights about the candidates’ style and enthusiasm for the work.

Interview for a Good Cultural Match

During the interview phase of your candidate search, you must discover a suitable candidate to match your company’s culture. An excellent cultural match ensures a smooth development process and a happy team (from the front end to the back end). Whether your candidate will work alone or on a team, remote or in-office, they will inevitably talk to a wide variety of people throughout your organization.

Partner with a Back End Development Staffing Company 

An excellent recruiting company can help you sort through the technical aspects of finding and hiring a quality development professional, saving you time and money. The best back-end development recruiters will have direct experience with the technology and can help guide you to the right match for your company’s project and culture.

NewConfig: Back End Developer Staffing

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NewConfig is a back-end developer staffing firm in Montgomery County, PA. Our recruiters include former developers with knowledge in both front-end and back-end applications. Please contact our Montgomery County, PA offices to learn more about our back-end developer staffing services.

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