Accountant Recruitment Services

Smaller businesses often outsource accounting services until revenues hit a certain point—around $1 million. As Entrepreneur notes, “It’s time to hire full-time help…when you’re calling your accountant often enough that you wish he or she were in the office all the time.”

For a growing business, a full-time accountant can be a godsend. A skilled auditor can clean records, review expenses, and pay the bills. The best accountants can also assume some of the responsibilities of a CFO, advising small business owners on important financial decisions.

An outsourced accountant is often an easy hire. Smaller businesses recruiting full-time accountants, however, face fierce competition from firms of all sizes—small, medium, and large.

At NewConfig, an executive staffing firm that specializes in financial recruitment, we believe accountant recruitment is a uniquely singular task.

The best recruiters for accountants understand the ever-evolving financial regulations. To source the best accountants, you must speak the language of finance.

A good recruitment firm will also network diligently. The best accountants rarely post resumes online. To discover these accountants, a recruitment firm must cultivate durable industry relationships.

Finally, the best recruiter for accountants will understand the unique needs of each business. The goal is to match accountant and business in a mutually successful and amiable relationship.

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