VP of Finance

Like many job titles, the definition of VP of Finance varies. Some firms view the VP of Finances the director of the financial organization; responsibilities might include day-to-day accountancy and management of the clerical staff. Other firms view the VP of Finance as an executive akin to the CFO; in additional to financial management, responsibilities might include strategic thinking about the firm’s major decisions.

VP of Finance recruiting requires a clear vision—and a precise job description. A smaller startup working without a finance department might post fora manager to handle both accountancy and human resources. A larger startup, on the other hand, might post for a visionary to lead the firm to an IPO. An inaccurate job description can lead to a bad hire. Yet a precise description is only the first step

NewConfig, a Montgomery County-based executive staffing firm, has performed financial recruitment for firms small and large. In our experience, successful searches for VP of Finance needs honest and companionable candidates.


You will trust your hire with the details of your firm’s balance sheets. You want a candidate with sufficient experience as well as integrity and impeccable ethical standards.


The VP of Finance position is often second only to the firm’s CEO. In addition to trust, a companionable relationship is crucial to a firm’s success.

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