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Construction project managers plan, coordinate, and supervise construction projects from start to finish. The essential construction management skills include budgeting, scheduling, resource allocation, and team management.

Construction managers ensure projects run smoothly, on time, and within budget, so they are crucial to a company’s success. Since recruitment stakes are so high, a hiring campaign must involve a thoughtful and structured process to ensure companies find the right candidate for the job.

Unfortunately, as industry insiders know, most construction companies face a historic worker shortage—topping half a million in 2023 (source). Most face a worker shortage—but not all. Savvy companies have learned to overcome shortages by building dynamic, flexible recruitment processes that mirror construction staffing firms.

NewConfig is a construction project manager recruiting company. We offer many recruiting tips and tricks on our site and elsewhere. Yet we’ve discovered only a select few independent companies have the resources and talent to adequately apply our knowledge to an effective recruiting campaign. Most companies can significantly benefit by partnering with a construction staffing firm.

Learn more about our construction project manager recruiting company, call our offices in Montgomery County, PA. In the meantime, read below to understand the benefits of using a construction staffing firm to hire your next construction project manager.

construction staffing agency

The Benefits of Using a Staffing Firm to Hire Construction Project Managers

Fast Hiring in a Competitive Market

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the job market has evolved in ways that complicate the hiring process. Finding leadership candidates is often longer and more complex, especially for leadership candidates like construction management professionals, including construction estimators. Hiring managers must post ads, review resumes, and conduct interviews while simultaneously performing their usual daily roles.

A staffing firm specializing in construction management can help a company save considerable time by pre-screening and qualifying the best candidates for the role. A streamlined process is the key to a successful hire in a competitive market.

Flexible Hiring in an Evolving Marketplace

The construction industry is prone to high turnover because of the seasonal nature of some of the work, and many construction employees have learned to adapt by seeking alternative employment. However, construction companies work year-round and often need quick access to quality candidates—even higher-level positions like construction managers.

A construction recruitment company can help a business meet its needs continuously, and by offering an antidote to the evolving marketplace, a recruitment company can also empower a construction company to complete each new project with flexibility.

Extreme Specialization

The fact that staffing firms like NewConfig specialize in niche markets like construction management is a tremendous boon to businesses looking for particular skills.

Often, these staffing firms have the right industry connections and have cultivated a pool of on-hand candidates to fill various needs. Also, a construction management recruitment company should have extensive knowledge of all the hiring details, including salary ranges for specific areas and positions. Extreme specialization saves businesses time and money in the long run.

NewConfig: Construction Project Manager Staffing

Finding the right construction project manager can distinguish between a successful project and a failure. NewConfig can help you fill your next construction management position.

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