Financial Staffing Services


Most smaller firms hire controllers to handle day-to-day finance work. Some smaller firms outsource financing to a third party controller. In any case, the goal for any small business is to evolvebeyond the controller position.

Unfortunately, most firms do not understand the appropriate time to upgrade to a VP of Finance—or a CFO. Also, the various titles tend to confuse leaders and hiring agents.

Chief Financial Interviewer, Inc. defines the titles in terms of a firm’s needs:

“Controllers manage toward improved efficiencies and financial risk avoidance and VP/CFOs strategically lead for successful growth and help keep the organization out of the ditch by effectively managing, rather than avoiding, risk”

NewConfig is an executive staffing services firm with strong financial recruitment experience. We believe the evolution from controller to VP of Finance (and finally, CFO) should be self-evident. We understand, however, that this evolution might seem daunting to a smaller firm.

For a small firm CEO, hiring a VP of Finance means ceding control of the financials—as well as log-ins and passwords. The key to financial recruitment success, we believe, is discovering candidates who can easily assimilate to a firm’s culture—candidates who you and your employees like and trust.

NewConfig’s VP of Finance recruiting efforts focus on synergy: matching firms with trustworthy, experienced, and companionable candidates. If you’ve found this page, you likely need financial recruitment help. Partner with the top name in VP of Finance recruitment: NewConfig.