Salesforce is a cloud computing platform that helps over 150,000 businesses with customer relationship management (CRM). Although experts cite most often for its impressive CRM capabilities, it can also help streamline many aspects of the business, including management, human resources, and procurement.


Salesforce Roles: Who is Powering the Salesforce Ecosystem

Salesforce requires a range of roles catering to different aspects of its ecosystem. Here are some key Salesforce roles. These roles often vary in responsibilities based on an organization’s industry, size, and the complexity of its implementation.

Salesforce often introduces new features and tools, which may create new roles and specializations within the ecosystem. Current key positions include Salesforce Administrators, Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Consultants, Salesforce Architects, and Salesforce Business Analysts.

Salesforce runs an online training tool called Trailhead, which lists current roles. Learning about these roles may help your organization choose the personnel for your needs. Click here to learn more about Salesforce roles.

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The Benefits of Hiring the Right Salesforce Employees

SalesForce Staffing benefits

Hiring the right Salesforce employees for your Salesforce platform offers several essential benefits that contribute to the success and effectiveness of your investment. Below is a mere sampling of the advantages of hiring the right Salesforce personnel for your platform.

Streamlined Implementation

Skilled Salesforce professionals, including Sales Developers and Administrators, understand the platform’s capabilities and can design and implement solutions that align with your business needs.

Customized Solutions

Salesforce experts tailor the platform to meet your business requirements, creating custom applications, workflows, and reports that address unique challenges and opportunities.

Adoption and Training

Salesforce professionals play a crucial role in user adoption by providing practical training programs and ensuring your team maximizes using Salesforce features. The result? Higher user satisfaction and engagement.

Integration Expertise

Hiring Salesforce professionals with integration skills can facilitate seamless connections between Salesforce and other organizational systems. A unified and cohesive information ecosystem is vital to Salesforce’s success.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Investing in the right Salesforce talent can contribute to a higher return on investment. Effective platform use improves business processes, customer relationships, and operational efficiency.

How Can NewConfig Help Your Company

Hiring the right Salesforce personnel to implement and manage your platform offers benefits that ensure business success and a healthy ROI on the software. Unfortunately, organizations often fail to find the right fit, and many so-called “Salesforce pros” are ill-suited.

Outsourcing your search to a Salesforce Staffing Agency like NewConfig can ensure a successful recruitment campaign that pays dividends for years. However, most Salesforce recruiters have never used CRM software and do not differentiate CRM recruitment from any other type.

NewConfig has hands-on experience with Salesforce recruitment and CRM technology. Our recruiters include former developers and consultants who offer insider knowledge when sourcing, recruiting, and interviewing candidates for skilled positions. An experienced company like NewConfig knows how to talk to Salesforce professionals like Salesforce professionals.

Our industry experience also offers another key advantage. After years of experience in development and recruitment, we have collected a healthy contact list of skilled and qualified Salesforce employees who understand how to implement and tailor the software to precise needs. We often call upon our contacts to help fill client vacancies quickly.

Salesforce Staffing with NewConfig: Our Recruitment Process

SalesForce Staffing process

NewConfig helps firms find the best Salesforce consultants and developers worldwide. Working with NewConfig, you can expect straightforward guidance, a speedy recruitment process, and access to a network of Salesforce talent cultivated for over two decades in development and recruitment. Below are several critical components of our recruitment process.

Role Definition

NewConfig helps you clearly define the role and responsibilities of the Salesforce position, determining the specific skills, experience, and certifications required for the role.

Job Posting

We then help you create a detailed job description and post the job opening on relevant platforms, including the company’s website, job boards, and professional networking sites. We also offer access to our pre-screened and qualified Salesforce professional contact list.

Technical Assessment and Interview

Once we have screened and qualified a pool of suitable candidates, we provide a technical assessment and interview, including coding exercises, scenario-based questions, or a practical demonstration of Salesforce knowledge, even as we delve into the candidate’s problem-solving skills and ability to work on Salesforce projects.

Offer Negotiation

Once you identify a suitable candidate, we facilitate all aspects of the job offer, including negotiation of salary, benefits, and other terms.


NewConfig can also facilitate onboarding, including orientation and training, and provide necessary resources for your new Salesforce employee to integrate into the organization seamlessly.

Get Started Today: Contact NewConfig

Most Sales recruitment agencies fail to balance appropriate guidance with speed and efficiency. Your recruitment firm should understand the dynamics of the position and your unique needs. You need fast and efficient CRM results. So why should your salesforce recruitment process be any different? Contact NewConfig at our Montgomery County, PA, offices today to learn more about our Salesforce staffing services.

How We Work

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Hear From Our Clients

We were really struggling to find Salesforce Developers in our area. Jason and the team really worked hard to find us some great candidates. It was a pleasure working with NewConfig and we look forward to partnering with them in the future for our needs.

Amanda McNulty Senior Director at Solera

As a CIO, finding the right talent is the key to building a successful organization and in today’s market this can be a very challenging and daunting task!

Over the last three years, NewConfig LLC has been my “go-to” talent acquisition partner. Dmitry and Jason are the consummate professionals and are 100% committed to locating the right candidate, no matter how challenging or difficult or niche the experience requirements may be. Not only do they find qualified individuals that possess the required technical skills, they also focus on ensuring the candidate’s fit within the culture of the company. Honestly, I don’t know how they do it!

I would highly recommend giving NewConfig an opportunity to fill one of your open positions. I can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Stacey Fedorka Chief Information Officer at Exactech

Absolutely great working with Dmitry and everyone over at NewConfig! Quickly found us a great placement that has consistently impressed our team! Would absolutely use again!

Andrew W. Zetterholm Director of Operations at Christine Kane

Cannot say enough good things about NewConfig. When we needed help sourcing hard to fill roles at Pure Fishing and Jarden Home Brands, NewConfig was there for us. NewConfig helped us with roles in technologies such as Salesforce, SAP, IT Admin, and Peoplesoft. These guys are at the top of our industry in finding talent. Hands down great firm.

Dave Maris President at Maris Executive Search

We had an immediate need for a proven SAP Point of Sale Consultant for a complex SAP project. I called NewConfig. They emailed me back with a candidate the next day. NewConfig delivered an expert who helped develop SAP POS DM quickly and got the project back on track. NewConfig is my Go-To firm now.

Anthony Woodward Technical Resource Manager at Adecco

Excellent service, if you are looking for a staffing agency this company is simply the best. They were able to find very good candidates for our company, ranging from managerial positions to entry-level employees. Highly recommend.

Michael Rudnin President at NYWD

Need great recruiters to find executive-level talent? No one better in the field than NewConfig.

Roman Fogel President at Fogel Law LLC