C++ is a standard programming language used to build mobile and desktop websites. C++ is indispensable for client-server applications as well as application software and graphics, including those run on Windows or Mac as well as Android or iOS.

Developed in the late 1970s as an extension of the C language, C++ is a “multi-paradigm language,” which means it “supports other styles such as procedural programming, in addition to object-oriented programming,” to create a more efficient application (source).

The long tenure of C++ means the code is everywhere. Dice Insights notes, “Older programming languages such as C++…are going nowhere—companies continue to build applications using them, and that’s before you consider the mountains of legacy code out there.”

IT professionals who know C++ have no problem finding good positions, so C++ staffing is a challenge for enterprising firms. To find a professional with a stellar project portfolio, you need to partner with a C++ Recruiting Firm, like NewConfig.

Why choose NewConfig?

True C++ Programming Expertise

As Dice Insights notes in its report, “Companies always need tech professionals who can build, test, fix, release, and maintain apps and other parts of IT infrastructure” (source). Unfortunately, most companies suffer a disconnect between hiring departments and IT professionals. To recruit the best C++ developer, you need a recruitment expert who also understands the intricacies of programming languages. NewConfig has vast experience in all popular programming languages, including C++.

A Speedy C++ Recruitment Process

Hiring a C++ developer presents a two-fold challenge. First, you must work fast to find a developer who can get your project completed or application to market in as little time as possible. Approximately 5,900 C++ jobs are advertised in the United States each month (source). Secondly, best developers go to the companies who work with speed and efficiency. Over a decade in the business, NewConfig has honed its recruitment processes to focus on speedy results. We’ll find you the right C++ developer quickly.

Exclusive Network Access

C++ is often an indispensable language for the complex projects of large businesses, who are willing to pay top dollar for talented developers. In this competitive landscape, all businesses face the unique challenge of hiring the right developer at the right price. With such a significant investment on the line, you need a C++ Recruiter with the C++ technical know knowledge and a C++ Recruiter that knows the best C++ developers and leaders in the market. NewConfig provides you with all of this. A leader in C++ staffing, NewConfig assures a tremendous ROI on your recruitment efforts.