Developer Recruitment Services

Software developer recruitment is an extremely difficult job. If a recruiter lacks the requisite technical knowledge, the process will be a shot in the dark. Yet developer recruitment requires much more than mere technical knowledge. To hire a successful developer, a recruiter must also understand the individual behind the technobabble.

A successful developer is a dynamic innovator, a creative type who thrives on teamwork and constructive criticism. Ideally, a recruiter will understand the culture of software developers—what motivates a developer to succeed; and just as important, what inhibits success.

NewConfig understands the culture of developers—we are that culture. Our IT recruiters have worked in the tech industry for over ten years; we have intensive experience with a variety of technologies and programming languages. More importantly, we have developed strong relationships with the best programmers in the industry. To fulfill our client’s needs, we call on these developers for guidance—or as potential candidates.