The Challenges of Big Data

Big data refers to data sets that are too large to be inputted into traditional data processing software. It can be defined using the three Vs coined by Doug Laney: volume (the amount of data being pulled in), velocity (the speed the data is coming in), and variety (the different type of data available).

You need a candidate that knows how to combat the challenges of volume and velocity and can sift through the various types of your information. This is why it is critical to rely on the expertise of a big data headhunter agency. NewConfig has the judgment needed to sift through candidates and get the right one for your needs.

Relying on NewConfig’s Big Data Staffing Services

Using NewConfig as your big data staffing services will guarantee that your next hire is fully equipped to interact with your data. We understand the complex processes, the required skills, and what to look for when finding a worthy data specialist. Our expertise allows us to take the hiring pressure off of your shoulders and put it on ours. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t involved in the hiring process; we are adamant about discussing your goals and expectations so that we are more capable of choosing an individual or team that will complement your existing business members.

Why choose NewConfig?

Recruiting Guidance

If you are struggling to find a trustworthy candidate with the necessary experience, skills, and knowledge, NewConfig can change that. Our recruiting experts are proficient in locating data specialists that exemplify the required attributes and interpretation skills necessary to discover your company’s risk factors and growth levels and to enhance your product and services. In addition, our hires are the cream of the crop; not only are they equipped in skills, but they are also equipped in providing you with impeccable service that aligns with your company’s goals.


Best Big Data Candidates

Big data is a never-ending vacuum. While there are tools designed to combat big data challenges and to help interpret the mass volume of data, these tools are continually evolving. Our big data candidates remain well familiarized with the evolving technology and processes so that they can effectively manage your data.


Intimate Pool of Big Data Specialists

NewConfig is the ultimate big data headhunter. We have developed and maintained relationships with data specialists, creating an exclusive network relating to big data. Our candidates within this pool have worked on countless big data projects for top-notch firms and have developed a talent that is desired among many IT departments. By teaming up with NewConfig, you are able to tap into this exclusive network of highly talented individuals.