JD Edwards

What is JD Edwards?

Oracle’s JD Edwards is a fully integrated ERP software suite that helps businesses perform a range of processes, including human resources and financial management, procurement and logistics, and customer relations. Companies that use JD Edwards ERP value the solution for its adaptability—the software can evolve as a business grows.

JD Edwards Software: Pain Points from Implementation to Customization

Despite its adaptability, businesses using JD Edwards software often need help with various pain points, including implementations, configuration, management, and customizations. These businesses need a cost-effective approach to meet their goals, yet they often need to discover a new set of costly problems, including users with different levels of experience and knowledge.

For example, J&K Snack Foods recently suffered an ERP disaster when it tried to convert its entire company to JD Edwards. As CEO Daniel Fachner said,

“The implementation created unforeseen temporary, operational, manufacturing and supply chain challenges that affected the performance of our food service and retail segments” (source).

Businesses can avoid these unforeseen challenges by hiring skilled JD Edwards support, including qualified JD Edwards consultants and administrators.

JD Edwards staffing agency

Should You Partner with a JD Edwards Staffing Agency?

Finding a qualified consultant to help you with your JD Edwards implementation and beyond is often the first challenge for businesses. The best option is outsourcing staffing to a recruitment firm familiar with the software and the JD Edwards jobs landscape.

NewConfig is a JD Edwards staffing agency with a unique software development and recruitment background. Most so-called “JD Edwards Staffing Agencies” do not have extensive experience with ERP software, let alone the niche realm of Oracle JD Edwards. At the same time, these firms may advertise themselves as ERP staffing solutions, but their often merely general staffing firms.

Staffing experience is an obvious benefit, but specialization is key when staffing JD Edwards jobs. The complexity of ERP solutions like JD Edwards often confounds even the most well-meaning Human Resources department or everyday staffing firm.

Hands-on ERP experience translates to direct knowledge of the various roles and responsibilities required when implementing a new solution. A JD Edwards staffing agency that understands the software can quickly identify the best candidates to fill multiple positions, from JD Edwards consultants to support or full-scale JD Edwards managed services.

With the proper support, the chances of success are greatly amplified. After finding the appropriate JD Edwards staffing help, for example, J&J Snacks resolved most of its ERP problems, and the company was “just fine-tuning a few pieces of it,” as the CEO Fachner said (source).

JD Edwards Staffing: Why You Need An Experienced ERP Staffing Firm Like NewConfig

NewConfig helps businesses find skilled and qualified JD Edwards consultants, support, or managed services for various projects. When you partner with NewConfig, you get expert guidance, a quick recruitment process, and unlimited to our extensive network of ERP professionals.

We understand the challenges of ERP implementation. We aim to ease your transition to a new or existing platform by finding high-quality professionals to support your required roles.

Contact NewConfig today at our Montgomery County, PA offices to learn more about our JD Edwards staffing solutions.

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