SAP Staffing Firm

NewConfig specializes in SAP Staffing and offers unmatched proficiency in matching businesses with exceptional SAP professionals. The expertise of our team derives from practical involvement - our recruiters have extensive experience managing and installing SAP applications in the technology sector for over a decade.

NewConfig's Expertise

We have implemented core functionalities, including but not limited to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Analytics, Application Suites, Cloud, and Mobility solutions. Our wealth of experience and established reputation for SAP Staffing enable us to deliver successful recruitment campaigns tailored to meet your specific SAP needs.

The Benefits of Choosing NewConfig

  • Expert SAP Talent Guidance: Benefit from our extensive experience in placing SAP Experts across diverse modules. With a deep understanding of the SAP market, including top talent motivators and salary landscapes, we'll advise you on selecting the right skills and competitive salary ranges to attract top-tier candidates.
  • Access to Premier SAP Professionals: Utilize our advanced screening process to connect with top-tier SAP professionals. Our comprehensive candidate profiles empower you to make informed interview decisions, ensuring a seamless recruitment process and successful placements.
  • Exclusive Talent Network Access: Unlock entry to our exclusive network of SAP professionals, cultivated through long-term relationships. Gain access to a pool of passive candidates eagerly awaiting the perfect opportunity. By partnering with NewConfig, access a talent network unparalleled by other SAP Staffing Agencies.
Let NewConfig refine your SAP staffing strategy.

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