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NewConfig sets itself apart from typical recruitment companies by focusing on SAP Staffing and leveraging its unmatched expertise to connect businesses with top SAP professionals. This expertise stems from years of experience in managing and installing SAP applications in the technology industry, allowing our SAP recruiters to provide unparalleled service.

Our Expertise

Our track record includes successful implementations of core functionalities such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Analytics, Application Suites, Cloud, and Mobility solutions. Our proven SAP Staffing acumen translates to effective recruitment campaigns that meet all of your SAP needs.

Choose NewConfig

  • Expert SAP Talent Guidance: Leverage our extensive track record in placing SAP Experts across a wide spectrum of modules. We possess a nuanced understanding of the SAP landscape, including top talent drivers and salary benchmarks. Count on us to advise you on the optimal skill and salary ranges to attract exceptional candidates.
  • Access to Elite SAP Professionals: Harness our refined screening process to connect with top-tier SAP professionals. Our comprehensive candidate profiles equip you with the insights needed for effective interview decisions, ensuring a seamless recruitment process and successful placements.
  • Exclusive Talent Network: Unlock access to our exclusive network of SAP professionals, cultivated through enduring relationships. Gain entry to a pool of passive candidates who are selectively seeking their next career move. By partnering with NewConfig, access a talent network unparalleled by other SAP Staffing Agencies.
Let NewConfig streamline your SAP staffing endeavors. Get in touch today to craft a high-performing SAP team tailored precisely to your needs.

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