SAP Headhunter

At NewConfig, we stand out from the crowd of recruitment companies by offering specialized expertise in SAP Staffing. Our team of SAP headhunters boasts over a decade of hands-on experience managing and installing SAP applications in the technology industry. Through this real-world experience, we've become experts in connecting businesses with top-notch SAP professionals who have the skills necessary to tackle complex projects.

Our Expertise

Our team has extensive experience implementing a range of core functionalities, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Analytics, Application Suites, Cloud, and Mobility solutions. This broad expertise, coupled with our proven track record in SAP Staffing, allows us to run successful recruitment campaigns that effectively meet your SAP staffing needs.

Choose NewConfig as Your SAP Headhunter

Let NewConfig streamline your SAP staffing endeavors. When you staff with us, you get:
  • Expert SAP Recruitment Guidance: Rely on us to assist you in pinpointing the optimal skills and salary brackets to attract the ideal candidate for your requirements.
  • Access to Premier SAP Professionals: Our comprehensive candidate profiles furnish you with all the necessary information, empowering your decision-making process for interviews and ensuring a seamless recruitment experience.
  • Exclusive Network Privileges: Partnering with NewConfig grants you access to a network unavailable through other SAP Staffing Agencies, ensuring access to top-tier talent.
Reach out to us today to assemble a high-performing SAP team tailored to your exact specifications.

Partner with NewConfig

By partnering with NewConfig, you gain a strategic advantage in your SAP staffing efforts. We provide experienced recruiting advice, access to our proprietary database, and seasoned help in negotiations. Our focus as SAP Headhunters on building quality client relationships ensures that we understand your specific needs and deliver the best-suited candidates. Take the next step to enhance your Salesforce team's capabilities and drive success. Contact us to learn more or visit our website to explore our services.