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In sales recruitment, NewConfig is unmatched compared to general recruiting firms or staffing agencies. We have partnered with leading companies across various verticals to help them find the top sales talent available. When it comes to revenue-driven positions, you need NewConfig on your side. As the best sales recruiters, we are committed to delivering the best results for our clients.

Sales Verticals

  • Mechanical and Civil Engineering Sales
  • Government Sales
  • Renewable Energy and Solar Sales
  • Energy and Oil Sales
  • Hotel and Hospitality Sales
  • Consumer Products Sales
  • Defense and Aerospace Sales
  • Beverage and Food Sales
  • Software, Hardware, and Solution Sales
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sales
  • Software as a Service (SAAS) Sales
  • Medical Instrument and Medical Application Sales
  • and more!
NewConfig is your go-to for sourcing sales talent across diverse industries. Our specialization lies in identifying top-tier professionals skilled at driving revenue and expanding market reach across various sectors.

Why Choose NewConfig?

  • Expert Guidance: From initial planning to final hiring, we offer tailored support to find the ideal Sales talent for your organization. Our consultative approach emphasizes clear communication and personalized guidance. We understand the diverse nuances of Sales Territories and adapt our strategies accordingly to meet your unique needs.
  • Access to Top Sales Talent: With an extensive network spanning various industries, we connect you with top-tier sales professionals nationwide. Our outreach attracts individuals who consistently exceed expectations and are eager for new challenges. Through meticulous candidate evaluation, we swiftly identify the best fits for your team. Our aim is clear: to present you with candidates possessing the right blend of experience and ambition.
  • Exclusive Network Access: With a decade of experience in sales recruitment, we've cultivated invaluable relationships. When seeking your next Sales Director or Account Executive, we leverage our network for invaluable insights and recommendations. Frequently, our network yields exceptional candidates perfectly aligned with your requirements.
Choose NewConfig to streamline your sales recruitment process.

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