Sales Recruiters in Texas

As experienced sales recruiters in Texas, the team at NewConfig is skilled in identifying top contenders for sales positions. We have a keen eye for innate qualities of winners, such as self-accountability and exceptional ambition. In contrast to other recruiting firms or staffing agencies, our level of expertise in sales recruitment sets us apart. We collaborate with top-performing companies across various industries and are equipped to find the best sales professionals in any vertical. To succeed in revenue-driven roles, you simply can't afford to not have NewConfig by your side. Our reputation as the leading sales recruiters in the industry speaks for itself.

Why Choose NewConfig for Your Sales Recruitment Needs?

  • Expert Guidance: From initial planning to final hire, we offer comprehensive support to find the right Sales talent for your company. Our consultative approach focuses on clear communication and thoughtful guidance. We understand the nuances of different Sales Territories and adjust our strategies accordingly to match your specific clientele.
  • Access to Top Talent: With a vast network across various industries, we identify top-notch sales professionals nationwide. Our outreach attracts individuals who consistently exceed their quotas and are ready for new challenges. By carefully vetting candidates, we swiftly distinguish between potential hires and true standouts. Our goal is simple: to present you with candidates who possess the right experience and drive.
  • Exclusive Network: With a decade of experience in sales recruitment, we've built strong relationships that give us unique insights. When searching for your next Sales Director or Account Executive, we tap into our network for valuable recommendations. Often, our connections lead us to exceptional candidates who perfectly fit your needs.
Choose NewConfig to streamline your sales recruitment process. Contact us today and let's find the perfect sales professionals to fuel your company's growth.

Key Industries

NewConfig specializes in recruiting sales talent across various industry verticals. Our expertise extends to identifying top-tier professionals who excel in driving revenue and expanding market reach within diverse sectors. Below are some of the industries in which NewConfig staffs sales talent:
  • Software, Hardware, and Solution Sales
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sales
  • Medical Instrument and Medical Application Sales
  • Consumer Products Sales
  • Hotel and Hospitality Sales
  • Mechanical and Civil Engineering Sales
  • Beverage and Food Sales
  • Defense and Aerospace Sales
  • Energy and Oil Sales
  • Software as a Service (SAAS) Sales
  • Government Sales
  • Renewable Energy and Solar Sales
  • and other verticals!

Connect With NewConfig

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