Sales Recruiters in New York

NewConfig, as an experienced sales recruiter, possesses a unique ability to distinguish genuine sales contenders from those who merely feign proficiency. We possess an exceptional talent for recognizing natural qualities that separate top performers, including a strong sense of accountability for delivering results, unwavering ambition, and a persistent drive to succeed. Our sales recruitment prowess exceeds that of typical staffing agencies or recruiting firms, placing us at the top of our field. Our established partnerships in New York with premier companies spanning a range of industries and sectors, combined with our unmatched expertise in identifying top sales talent, sets us apart from the competition.

Key Sales Industries

  • Mechanical and Civil Engineering Sales
  • Government Sales
  • Renewable Energy and Solar Sales
  • Energy and Oil Sales
  • Hotel and Hospitality Sales
  • Consumer Products Sales
  • Defense and Aerospace Sales
  • Beverage and Food Sales
  • Software, Hardware, and Solution Sales
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sales
  • Software as a Service (SAAS) Sales
  • Medical Instrument and Medical Application Sales
  • and many other verticals!
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Why Choose NewConfig

  • Tailored Guidance: From initial planning to final hiring, we offer personalized support in finding the perfect Sales professional for your organization. Our consultative approach to Sales recruitment emphasizes clear communication and tailored guidance. We recognize the unique dynamics of each Sales Territory and adapt our strategies accordingly to match the specific clientele it serves.
  • Top-tier Sales Talent: Leveraging our extensive sales connections across various industries, we identify top-performing sales professionals nationwide. When soliciting resumes, we attract high-caliber individuals who consistently surpass their quotas and seek greater challenges in your firm. Through meticulous candidate screening, we swiftly distinguish between promising candidates and true talent. Our primary goal is to present you with genuine candidates possessing the requisite experience and skills.
  • Exclusive Network Privileges: With a decade of experience in the sales recruitment industry, we have cultivated numerous strong relationships. In Sales Staffing, connections are crucial. When searching for your next Director of Sales or Account Executive, we leverage our network for valuable guidance and insights. Frequently, our network yields viable candidates perfectly suited to your needs.
Choose NewConfig to optimize your sales recruitment process. Contact us today and let's find the ideal sales professionals to drive your business forward.

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