NewConfig is a professional search firm specializing in Sales Recruitment. We are dedicated to finding and placing top sales talent for our clients. If you are in need of experienced sales professionals in Louisiana, connect with us!

Our Hiring Experience

With our extensive experience and expertise, we have worked with a diverse range of clients, including Fortune 50 companies, Fortune 2000 companies, start-ups, and other organzations. No matter the size or industry, we believe that every job is important and every project is valuable.

Choose NewConfig's Sales Recruiters

When you choose NewConfig as your partner in recruiting, you gain access to our experienced recruiters who offer knowledgeable advice, access to our proprietary database of top sales candidates, and expert assistance in negotiations. We pride ourselves on building strong client relationships, ensuring we understand your unique hiring needs and delivering excellent results.
To take advantage of these benefits and find the right Sales employees for your organization in Louisiana, contact NewConfig today by visiting our website or connecting with us on LinkedIn.