Salesforce Developer Staffing

What Can a Salesforce Developer Do for Your Company?

Salesforce developers are the MVPs of the Salesforce workforce. Developers with extensive knowledge of the CRM solution can help companies analyze their business processes and adapt them to the Salesforce ecosystems, designing custom workflows and solutions for specific responsibilities.

NewConfig is a Salesforce Developer Staffing firm located in Montgomery County, PA. We help businesses discover the best talent to fill a variety of Salesforce roles, including Salesforce developers, programmers, and software engineers.

Below we discuss what you need to know to hire your Salesforce development professional.

Do Salesforce Developers Write Code?

Depending on their level of responsibility, from junior Salesforce software engineers to senior development managers, developers may or may not write code. Salesforce is even trying to offer those who don’t understand code opportunities to participate in development.

For example, Salesforce recently released a cloud-based development platform, App Cloud, that bundles three popular platforms, including a “low-coding” tool. With this tool, Salesforce hopes to inspire business users to collaborate with back-end Salesforce developers to make new apps.

However, all Salesforce development professionals should have an extensive background in coding, including the languages specific to Salesforce, Apex, and JavaScript.

How the code is used and for what purpose will inform the more significant responsibilities of any Salesforce developer in the context of a company’s CRM efforts.

When searching for Salesforce Developers, NewConfig urges HR teams to answer questions about coding and additional responsibilities before posting the position.

For example, what specific roles do you want the developer to fulfill? Do you want your developer to code applications primarily? Will they also test or review codes? Or will they manage a team by creating a plan for optimizing current and future applications?

Answering these questions before posting your job for any Salesforce development professional will help you craft an enticing opportunity tailored to the right professionals.

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Are Salesforce Developers in Demand?

Salesforce is now the most popular CRM globally, and the demand for Salesforce development roles is higher than ever. International Data Corporation noted that the Salesforce market should “create 9.3 million new jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenues worldwide by 2026” (source).

Of course, the majority of these jobs will require Salesforce developers. Unfortunately, the demand may outstrip the supply, with an anticipated shortage of four million developers by 2025 (source).

In this climate of extreme competition, HR departments seeking Salesforce Developers often feel under-resourced and overloaded with work. If you’re concerned about your HR department’s Salesforce staffing capabilities, you’re not alone: According to a recent survey, 98% of HR professionals feel burned out (source).

The situation creates an urgent problem for businesses seeking Salesforce development professionals. How do you find skilled and qualified developers to help you grow your CRM solution quickly without wasting time and money?

The problem is compounded by the tremendous failure rate associated with CRM solutions—up to 70%, according to some estimates.

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But your business does not need to become another CRM failure. Please read below to learn how our Salesforce headhunting company can source for you the right Salesforce professionals.

Salesforce Recruitment: How to Find Salesforce Developers

To meet the challenge of Salesforce Developer Staffing in 2023 and beyond, companies using the Salesforce ecosystem may need to partner with a Salesforce staffing agency.

NewConfig is an executive recruitment agency specializing in Salesforce developer recruitment. We have followed the hiring trends for decades. The recent increase in Salesforce usage will undoubtedly increase the already booming market for Salesforce developers, Salesforce Programmers, and Salesforce software engineers.

You’ve likely found this page in search of a developer. You can trust NewConfig’s Salesforce staffing success to lead your Salesforce recruitment efforts. To learn more, contact us today.