Salesforce Recruiting Company

Salesforce is the most popular CRM platform worldwide, with nearly 20% of the market share, and analysts predict Salesforce jobs to grow at an astonishing rate. According to a study by IDC, their team expects the Salesforce economy to add 9.3 million jobs and $1.6 trillion in revenues worldwide by 2026.

Unfortunately, at the same, businesses are facing an unprecedented software developer shortage, including a shortfall of over four million developers by 2024 (source). Considering the stakes, companies are partnering with top Salesforce recruiters to source and hire new talent.

But how do you find a Salesforce recruiter who can help you separate contenders from pretenders and find candidates that fit your culture?

NewConfig is a Salesforce recruiting company run by experts in the field who have implemented the software for companies worldwide. We use our rich experience in the ecosystem to identify trained professionals equipped to meet your precise standards, including skill set, personality, and character. After determining your ideal candidate, we leverage our network to locate the best professionals for your position and unique company culture. Please contact our offices in Montgomery County, PA, to learn more about our Salesforce recruiting firm.

Partnering with a Salesforce Recruiting Company: Five Benefits

A top Salesforce recruitment agency can protect your bottom line by ensuring your next hire can implement the software successfully. With a recruitment process like NewConfig’s, you enjoy similar advantages to using Salesforce. Like cloud-based apps, an excellent recruitment company should offer a streamlined and collaborative approach to achieving your end goal.

Read below to learn more about the benefits of partnering with a top Salesforce recruitment company.


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Understanding and Translating Your Needs

NewConfig’s Salesforce recruiters discuss the specific attributes you need from your candidates, including skillsets and certifications. Development insight combined with industry experience is ideal for pinpointing the right professionals. Whether your business is healthcare, IT, sales, or finance, a top Salesforce recruitment company will deliver a shortlist of individuals worth the investment.


Extensive Network Connections

It’s a common trope that recruitment firms have access to exclusive candidates. Utilizing a robust network, Salesforce recruiting firms put you in touch with candidates you might otherwise have difficulty finding.

A Salesforce staffing firm will have a proprietary database only when the staffing firm has prior experience in the field—like NewConfig. Working in the domain is an excellent way to build connections, and extensive Salesforce recruitment experience translates to a growing Rolodex.


Comprehensive Screening Services

Hands-on experience separates the top Salesforce Recruitment companies from the competition. Good recruiters know how to ask the right questions when screening candidates and can quickly identify the qualities that determine a quality software development hire.


A Curated Selection of Candidates

The work of a Salesforce recruiting firm should save you time and money—a firm like NewConfig should take the burden of staffing Salesforce developers away from your HR department. In this way, a business will not need to start screening candidates until the recruitment firm has curated a handful of qualified developers.

In essence, based on a company’s input and the recruitment firm’s ability to verify experience, the best recruiters deliver a shortlist of candidates precisely tailored to the job’s expectations and duties.


Integrating New Hires into the Ecosystem

The end goal at NewConfig is to ensure the Salesforce ecosystem is implemented on time and within budget. To make Salesforce work for your business, you need qualified and skilled professionals to develop the system you need. A good Salesforce recruitment firm will help achieve this goal by discovering experienced professionals who work efficiently and follow industry best practices while integrating information into the new system.

Simplify Hiring with a Salesforce Recruiting Company Like NewConfig

The growth of Salesforce continues to surprise industry experts who expect the company to yield to newer competitors. But Salesforce is the number one customer relationship management software in the world for a reason: by efficiently storing data in a streamlined and accessible cloud-based application, Salesforce empowers businesses to create more efficient workplaces.

However, despite Salesforce’s enduring popularity, a shortage of candidates trained to complete accurate installs continues to harm companies entering the CRM space for the first time.

The Salesforce recruiters at NewConfig can help you put your worries to rest by sourcing and hiring skilled and qualified professionals for your CRM project. We can save you the time and money of fruitless candidate searches or onboarding candidates who lack the experience and soft skills you require.

Investing in Salesforce is how you stay ahead of the competition. Hiring the right professionals to implement the software correctly is how you avoid falling behind. Discover what a Salesforce recruitment company can do for you!

Contact NewConfig in our Montgomery County, PA, offices today to learn more about our Salesforce recruitment firm.