Sourcing Workday Experts: Three Key Solutions

Are you looking to hire a qualified Workday expert? Unfortunately, a national shortage of skilled full-time and freelance tech talent has translated to a limited pool of Workday experts. And many human resources departments do not possess the technical know-how to source and hire true Workday experts.

A top Workday recruiting firm, NewConfig answers the top recruitment challenges with simple solutions. Below we detail three critical solutions for a successful Workday recruitment campaign.

What is Workday?

Workday develops cloud-based software to help companies operate the essential tasks of Human Capital Management (HCM), including schedules, payrolls, and employee expense management.

Traditionally targeting a diversity of industries, including financial services, hospitals, and higher education, Workday has convinced some of the world’s largest companies, like Walmart and Amazon, to use cloud-based software for human resources services.

Last year, Workday’s CEO, Aneel Bhusri, announced an ambitious plan to exceed $10 billion in annual sales. To succeed, the company intends to move beyond human resource management: “The key to reaching that magical $10 billion number is getting more companies to switch their cloud-based accounting tools as well” (source).

This switch means migrating from older financial tools provided by Oracle and SAP to Workday’s streamlined, subscription-based model. With this switch, more companies will need to find and qualify Workday experts through technical interviews.

Sourcing and Hiring Workday Experts: Three Key Solutions

Source Off-Market Workday Experts

As more companies tap into the Workday market, recruiters are discovering a shortage of skilled professionals. The key to finding Workday experts in this competitive market is connecting to “off-market” talent who may not appear on popular job boards. To discover talent, you may need to partner with a Workday recruiting firm, like NewConfig, with a strong roster of tech connections.


Pivot to Freelance Talent When Necessary

The evolving nature of the Workday software compounds the challenge of finding a Workday expert. Workday releases frequent updates, which require astute in-house cooperation between human resource personnel and Workday professionals. In this environment, many companies discover an urgent need for freelance Workday experts. To find skilled freelance Workday consultants quickly, companies may need to leverage the experience of a qualified recruitment firm.


Nail the Technical Interviews

The market for Workday talent is changing, and many human resource departments do not have enough direct Workday knowledge to find, qualify, and interview Workday experts. For most companies, the best solution may be an experienced Workday recruitment firm that can lead candidates through highly technical interviews.



NewConfig meets the challenges of Workday recruitment with astute recruiting experience and hands-on Workday knowledge. To learn more about how we can help you find and hire your next Workday expert, contact NewConfig today.