Salesforce is the undisputed origin of cloud-based customer relationship management platforms. Salesforce took up operations in 1999 with its browser-based CRM solution and quickly became the frontrunner in the space. Since then, Salesforce has become a one-stop shop for any and every business need thus companies are in need of Salesforce agencies that can help them use Salesforce accurately.


With such high markings from professionals across the board, over 100,000 companies choosing Salesforce over other competitors, and a track record of awards, it’s clear why we at NewConfig have dedicated ourselves to being the experts in Salesforce hiring. With Salesforce being such a highly-configurable platform and endless experts with a wide range of skill sets on the platform, you’d be wise to partner with Salesforce agencies such as NewConfig to build your team of Salesforce superstars.

Don’t Know How Salesforce Really Works? We Do!


If this is your first bout with a CRM platform such as Salesforce, the initial dive into its robust power can be a bit overwhelming. Salesforce is the quintessential software powerhouse for businesses today, offering components to streamline and connect every aspect and department of the organization.


However, the wonderful thing about Salesforce is that no matter how complex the configuration and maintenance of the software, it was designed with the user in mind. Once the platform is set up and monitored by a team of Salesforce experts, the user-friendly interface takes no time at all for the average person to get the hang of. Salesforce experts do all the heavy lifting for your business, and that is what Salesforce agencies such as NewConfig can help you find with ease.


Gain Access to the Best Talent in the Business

Unfortunately, getting Salesforce implemented and rolled out for your users is just the first part of your Salesforce journey. Much like with your car or your own body, you need to perform routine health checks on the Salesforce platform to ensure everything is running smoothly. There are countless Salesforce positions that need to be filled such as engineers, analysts, developers, admins, and consultants, just to name a few.


Now, your head might be spinning at the prospect of having to figure out how in the world you’re supposed to know who to hire for what. Luckily for you, you don’t have to! NewConfig is one of the top Salesforce agencies around, and our team of talent searchers are well-versed in the inner workings of Salesforce and know where to look for whatever your Salesforce instance needs. Building and maintaining your Salesforce platform is a real challenge, but finding the right people for the job shouldn’t be.


With NewConfig, You’re Still Involved in the Hiring Process


While we are proud to be a leader in the knowledge and execution of building top notch Salesforce teams for our partners, only you are the expert in the needs of your business. We dedicate a large portion of the talent acquisition process learning anything and everything about your business needs, we still defer to you about what you think will be the optimal decision for your company.


When you partner with Salesforce agencies like NewConfig, you have a seat in the front row of the entire hiring process. We are always listening to your feedback throughout the entire process, whether that be in needs gathering, shortlisting, or the interviewing process. With NewConfig, you know you are developing a team of Salesforce professionals that will streamline your sales process instantly!


Salesforce is perhaps one of the most game-changing pieces of technology to ever hit the business world. It’s centralized database of customer information, marketing collateral, and deep analytics has breathed new life into all business processes for hundreds of thousands of companies across the world. If you are looking to harness the power of Salesforce but are unsure how to develop your team of Salesforce experts, give NewConfig a call today and give your business processes a jump start today!