Workday provides enterprise cloud applications to manage human resources and related finance tasks, including payroll, benefits administration, and employee tracking. Of the significant Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms, Workday is the most successful. Last year (2020), Workday enjoyed an industry-leading 8.2% of market share.

As a part of Workday’s HCM platform, Workday Recruiting has surged in popularity in recent years, especially with big companies, who need a “global-optimized system with the horsepower to handle mega-high-volume hiring” (source). In 2019, Workday Recruiting was “the most used applicant tracking system (ATS) by Fortune 500 companies.”

Of the companies that use Workday Recruiting, many emphasize the efficiency of the financial software. However, industry experts also see the pros and cons of adding a recruitment system into the larger HR management software context. Some experts note that the Workday Recruitment software requires “additional components to make it work” (source).

What is Workday Recruiting?

Workday defines Workday Recruiting as “an end-to-end talent acquisition application” (source). It is one part of the Workday HCM platform. Workday recruitment can help companies streamline and manage the entire recruitment lifecycle.

However, companies that use Workday recruitment software require personnel to run the application. To find appropriate talent, companies often partner with a Workday recruitment agency to discover and hire IT talent, including consultants, administrators, and analysts.

It may seem like an anomaly: To optimize Workday recruitment software, companies must first hire recruitment software experts. However, in reality, most HR departments do not have the skills or resources to find the best IT talent. Failing to find the best IT talent can create a talent void, dooming an HCM project from the start.

A Workday recruitment agency fills the void. Since you are visiting this webpage, you may be a company looking for a Workday recruitment agency. Because of the Workday recruiting process and software’s specialized nature, Workday recruitment is a niche market within the larger IT recruitment context.

NewConfig is the rare recruitment firm with direct Workday knowledge. Headquartered in Montgomery County, PA, we help clients worldwide find Workday talent. We can help you find permanent or contract talent to meet your Workday recruitment needs.

How do you identify technical talent who meet your company’s unique needs? NewConfig helps companies answer this question with a unique yet straightforward formula.

First, our extensive IT industry experience equips our recruiters with the know-how to “talk the talk.” We know how to find the rare candidates with the right expertise—talent you will not find on the traditional job boards. We also know how to lead highly technical interviews to uncover the specific skills you need to make your project a success.

Second, our recruiters also come from management backgrounds. We understand the “big picture” needs of the C-level management, and we work tirelessly to fulfill those needs in our recruitment process.

Our specialized focus on Workday Staffing means we can help you find the talent you need, both permanent and contract, quickly and efficiently. To learn more about our unique Workday recruitment firm, contact NewConfig in Montgomery County, PA, today.