Sap Security is important in SAP. Giving users too much access will put the company in danger of losing confidential information or trade secrets.

Giving users not enough access will create headaches of its own during testing. 

So now you can see SAP Security is significant, but how do you find the best people? SAP Recruitment Companies have this issue. So do individual SAP Staffers. These days anyone that has created a profile in SAP may claim SAP security talent. Presenting these folks to your client is problematic. Using SAP Headhunting Firms other than NewConfig will not solve your issue. Only one of these SAP Recruitment Companies, NewConfig can help you.

So what can be done if you want to find the best SAP security folks and you are not an SAP Recruiter nor do you want to use a SAP Staffing Agency? Below are two questions you should ask candidates.

How do you create a user ID in SAP? Every security person should know this. This is done via transaction “SU01”. However, creating a new user and adding the correct profiles and roles is a tedious task so the user should copy the roles of an existing user.

The next question is: if an SAP user gets an access error, how do you determine the cause? The answer: s/he should take a screen shot of transaction: “/nsu53” right after the error message. Why? Because transaction SU53 , will show you the person’s User ID and Roles.