Construction estimators are the “unsung heroes” of the construction industry, often working behind the scenes to ensure the success of a project. The estimator’s work is critical for project planning, budgeting, and bidding, helping to guide a project’s cost and feasibility.

Although an estimator’s role is to estimate expenses, including materials, labor, equipment, and other resources, they often give businesses a competitive edge by streamlining the work and costs associated with significant construction projects.

Estimators may work for construction companies, subcontractors, architectural firms, or as independent consultants. However, the prime employers of estimators, construction companies in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, are currently facing a worker shortage, including estimators.

Part of the problem is an aging workforce. As the trade association Associated Builders and Contractors notes. “With nearly 1 in 4 construction workers older than 55, retirements will continue to whittle away at the construction workforce” (source).

Finding qualified estimator talent takes work. To maintain a competitive edge, companies sourcing construction estimators may require the help of a construction staffing firm like NewConfig. Below, we discuss the three top challenges facing companies sourcing construction estimators.

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Sourcing Construction Estimators: Three Top Challenges

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An Aging Workforce Nears Retirement 

As noted above, the number one challenge facing companies sourcing construction estimators is an aging workforce nearing retirement.

The scale of the problem is not limited to estimators: In addition to normal hiring, the industry will need to hire an additional 546,000 workers to meet project demands (source).

The irony of this shortage is that estimators are the skilled labor the industry needs to understand how and why to hire a workforce. Hiring an estimator should be at the top of the priority list for companies performing their construction staffing.


A Skill Shortage

In addition to the raw labor shortage, the industry faces a skill shortage, significantly impacting estimator hiring. Construction estimators must understand construction techniques, materials, costs, blueprints, and specifications. Accurate and detailed cost estimates are crucial for successful project management, cost control, and profitability in the construction industry.

With many workers retiring, these skills are fading into obsolescence, so discovering young talent with the right capabilities takes time and effort. However, construction estimators also need practical experience in the field to assess costs accurately. Hiring someone with relevant industry experience can take time and effort, particularly for firms looking to expand or hire in areas with a shortage of qualified personnel.


Evolving Technology

The construction industry is shifting towards technology and specialized software for estimating.

As the website Building notes: “Without the right digital tools, estimators cannot fully leverage their cost-saving capabilities and will remain as many hamstrung heroes as unsung ones.” (source).

However, sourcing construction estimators using these tools can be challenging if you’re not already using them in your organization.


NewConfig: Sourcing Construction Estimators for Your Projects

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