In the wake of the pandemic, many college graduates expected a lengthy job search, but as the New York Times recently reported, “Seniors and graduates are again in demand as companies revive recruiting, underscoring the economic premium that comes with a diploma” (source). To bolster the apparent premium of the diploma, however, many graduates are seeking additional education.

As a recruiter offering Big Data staffing services, I often speak to graduates seeking additional experience in software and big data. Many graduates wonder whether they should take a class on SAP, big data, Salesforce, or another technology. And many wonder how to progress from the ranks of Salesforce newbie, SAP novice, or big data beginner to something more.

It’s been years since I was a recent graduate, but I keenly remember my frantic race to hone my skills and knowledge while looking to graduation with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. My parents and I put so much capital into my education, but I questioned my ability to find a good job.

Would my degree prove worthwhile in the professional sphere? Would employers take notice? Would I need additional education to stand out among other applicants?

My heart goes out to the recent graduates, especially big data candidates, who face relentless competition from peers. But we all start this way, and many novices become masters. So this post is for recent college graduates, who may be surprised by a simple truth of recruitment: Many employers prefer experience over degrees.

Big Data Candidates: Do You Need a Degree?

Despite the tremendous cost of most colleges, many employers only briefly consider the education section of resumes, and many do not check education credentials or GPAs.

For most big data positions, the entire pool of the top applicants has similar educational credentials, and many have received similar degrees. The academic credentials are necessary—they help you get a foot in the door, but ultimately, they are not the most significant factor of whether or not you will land your dream job.

Of course, an apparent lack of educational qualifications will make any applicant stick out. For example, when graduate students apply for positions at NewConfig, we expect them to meet entry-level qualifications—similar to every other applicant. Still, the qualifications themselves do not make applicants especially attractive compared to their peers.

As Big Data Headhunters, we know the same is often true at companies across the country, small and large. This is not to say you should not take suitable classes or work hard to get good grades. All applicants need a good foundation, and a high GPA can give you a marginal lead on your competition. But more important than your education is how you’ve applied it.

Insight from a Big Data Headhunter Agency: The Value of Experience

When an abundance of qualified graduates applies for the same job, the student’s work outside the classroom distinguishes them from the crowd. Real-world experience matures

Salesforce beginners into developers and administratorsSAP novices into professionals, and big data analysts into managers and leaders.

It’s a challenging but essential lesson of job-hunting out of college: most potential employers are not necessarily giving great opportunities to new employees who have not shown they can handle the responsbility. Employers are always thinking about the bottom line, and most want to hire applicants who add value to the company. The best way to prove you can add value is by showing a good track record in the real world.

So how does a graduate pursue experience after finishing a degree or certificate program in any given technology? Independent work, where you essentially test the sandbox, can only take you so far. One good option is an internship related to SalesforceSAP, or big data.

Unlike a first job, an internship teaches you through hands-on work. For example, when NewConfig takes interns, we give them hands-on experience and increase their value in the industry.

Whatever work you can find, take it. Ideally, you will find be a paid internship. Realistically, it may be unpaid. An internship is the best way to set yourself apart from other applicants who believe a diploma is sufficient qualification.

We urge all graduates to accept the simple fact: most employers aren’t willing to “take a chance” on untested applicants. Most companies do not want Salesforce newbies, SAP novices, and big data beginners. To set yourself apart, seek experience.

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