You can put a lot of pressure on your employees to know multiple modules of your software… if you want them to leave.

Putting a lot of pressure on employees to know multiple modules is something I have been advising clients to refrain from doing.

They want candidates we submit to them to know multiple modules of a system, whether it’s SAP, Oracle, Workday, Netsuite, or another technology.

That is very hard to do. 

Let me give you an example: The software modules in any of these systems above are very complicated. These systems are made to handle hundreds or thousands of sales orders, deliveries, and shipments.

So people spend their whole careers specializing in just one module. A tiny portion of the people knows more than one module. But, that differs from the average person specializing in CRM, HR, or ERP systems. 

The average person knows only one module.

The hiring manager shoots himself in the foot by demanding that candidates know more than one module. 

That is the reason why roles go unfilled for months or even years. And they call us up and say: “I have no idea why the role has not been filled. I offer a high salary, but no one wants my role.” I want to say, “Your role is not filled because your requirements are ridiculous.” 

But I did not say that in that manner. 😀 So, dear hiring managers, my goal is to help and consult you. Please, loosen up your expectations, and you will fill your roles. Do not expect someone to be Superman because people are just human.

If someone sells you something too good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS.

Be empathetic but also logical and understand reality. The way you build a great team and a great company is through training and letting people make mistakes. With a great team, you could get the bonus and promotion you want.