Today I want to talk about an important topic.

Why NewConfig, myself, and everyone in my organization I work with is honest with candidates about salary.

We tell the candidate’s salary right from the get-go. From the first email. From the first phone call. From the first message.

We do that because we want to be honest with people. ✓

Honesty is the best way to build a relationship with people, and it is the best way to get them to accept the job.

We don’t like to lie to people. Being dishonest with candidates would hurt our reputation. If we go through a three to four-interview process with a candidate and the person gets a salary much lower than what they expect, the person would be upset with us.

Plus, it’s a total waste of time for both the candidate and the hiring manager.

We don’t like to waste time because, for us, time is money.

So, we tell the candidate right away what the salary is so as not to waste our time and not to waste their time.

They appreciate this because we’re pretty honest with them about what’s happening. And that builds a relationship with the candidate and a relationship with the client.

Do you want to build a professional relationship with the candidate and effectively find your client the best candidates possible?

Then be honest right from the beginning. ✓