Salesforce has made its name in cloud computing as the leading customer relationship management (CRM) company. With an evolving product set and a diversity of clients, including Adidas, T Mobile, and Farmers Insurance, Salesforce is poised to reach its short-term and long-term profit goals—$20 billion and $60 billion, respectively.

Building on the success of its cloud-based system, Salesforce is now promoting a new enterprise platform: mobility.

Leyla Seka, Salesforce’s Executive Vice President for mobile, recently told CRN Magazine: “If the last decade was about cloud computing, the next decade is about enterprise mobility.”

Salesforce Consultants Help You Stay Updated

Salesforce recently upgraded its Lightening development platform to “streamline the process of posting apps to Apple App Store and Google Play.” Lightning is also intended to help firms recruit mobile developers.

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Like the platform itself, enterprising firms hope to use Salesforce to improve existing systems and evolve into new markets. The challenge for these firms, of course, is finding the right Salesforce Consultants to implement and manage the platform.

However, the competition is fierce: As Benzinga recently reported about Mondo’s IT Salary Guide: “Salesforce skills are…highly valued this year with Salesforce Solution Architects earning a spot among the highest-paid technology professionals.”

Even then, with so much on the line, many businesses fail in their Salesforce recruitment efforts. Searches yield unqualified candidates. Moreover, many hires turn out to be costly mistakes—a company can lose thousands or even millions on a failed Salesforce recruitment campaign.

Sourcing Great Salesforce Talent is What NewConfig Does

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