Salesforce is by far the world leader in customer relationship management (CRM) company. According to Forbes, with an evolving product and a diversity of clients, including Mercedes, NBC, and IBM, Salesforce is poised to grow by 23% in the next year.

To promote optimistic earnings predictions, Salesforce continues to introduce new software, including a new platform based on mobile. Salesforce upgraded its Graphical User Interface to a new technology it calls, “Lightning” to “streamline the process of posting apps to Apple App Store and Google Play.” Lightening is also helping firms recruit mobile developers.

The evolving diversity of the platform may herald a profitable future for Salesforce, but diversity can also translate to complexity for businesses using Salesforce. Many companies may require a certified and experienced Salesforce consultant to use Salesforce efficiently and successfully.

NewConfig is a leading Salesforce staffing partner. We understand the product and the consultants who make the product work. Unlike many of our competitors, NewConfig’s recruiters have provided Salesforce staffing services for organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies. To learn how to help your company find the best Salesforce consultant, including Salesforce implementation consultants, contact our offices in Montgomery County, PA.

And read below to learn the top five benefits of hiring a Salesforce consultant.

Salesforce Consulting Services: The Top Five Benefits of Hiring a Salesforce Consultant

Smooth Implementation 

Salesforce implementation consultants can help businesses with new implementations or reengineered projects, assuring the solution works for a businesses’ specific needs.

The best implementation consultants arrive on day one with abundant Salesforce experience and knowledge—the sort of knowledge your team may lack. Increased knowledge means a smooth process with customized solutions and flexibility to adapt to future changes.

Save Time and Money

The top Salesforce consulting firms often promote time and money savings as the ultimate benefit of a Salesforce consultant. A smooth implementation translates to time and money savings—and less employee downtime. Businesses that use Salesforce successfully see a 34% rise in customer service productivity and a 44% rise in sales productivity (source).

Scalable Solutions 

Successful implementation translates to solutions that work today and tomorrow. Salesforce consultants can quickly help businesses upgrade existing solutions with new Salesforce updates. Salesforce consultants also provide strategic analysis of the tool’s information, helping you transform data into proactive business solutions.


Proper training is often the key for a business and the difference between success and failure. A good Salesforce consulting partner will know how to work with the platform and the people who use it. However, a good trainer is often hard to find among Salesforce consultants, most of whom come from development backgrounds. Resumes may tell one story, but the interview process should offer a good view of a consultant’s ability to train employees. Look for consultants who can speak about the platform in simple terms.

Increase ROI

Businesses hope to use Salesforce to improve existing systems and evolve into new markets. Of course, the challenge for these businesses is optimizing the platform’s success—and success means a good ROI. Most Salesforce firms and consultants know the daunting stats about CRM implementation failure, but the best consultants guarantee a healthy ROI.

NewConfig: Your Salesforce Consulting Partner

The competition for Salesforce talent is strong. As Benzinga recently reported about Mondo’s IT Salary Guide: “Salesforce skills are…highly valued with Salesforce Solution Architects earning a spot among the highest-paid technology professionals.”

Unfortunately, many businesses fail in their Salesforce recruitment efforts with so much on the line. Searches yield unqualified candidates. And many hires turn out to be costly mistakes—a business can lose thousands on a failed recruitment campaign.

For the right Salesforce Consultants for your firm, come to NewConfig. We know the product. Furthermore, our expertise in the Salesforce staffing industry means we have insider relationships with the best talent, including developers and Salesforce contractors.

To learn more about our Salesforce staffing knowldege base, please do not hesitate to contact NewConfig at our local offices in Montgomery County, PA.