1. Relieves the Candidate ✔

You are dealing with human beings. Everyone has their own emotions, thoughts and insecurities. Be professional and punctual. You never know what the person on the other side is going through. Maybe they are getting nervous waiting, or letting other opportunities pass them by, just by waiting for your answer. You never want to string candidates long. It is bad for your company’s reputation. Besides that, you might be talking to a future potential candidate for other vacant job positions that you might have the need for. So, always keep in mind to end in as good terms as possible.

2. Affects your reputation ✔

Candidates that are not hired can hurt your reputation if not handled properly. Be professional, polite, and smart about your reasons of not hiring someone.

3. Leaves an open door for potential future candidates ✔

For the best companies out there, the candidate’s experience with them does not simply end with a rejection. The best companies practice leaving open doors and ending on good terms with people they do not hire for the actual position.  This way you can keep the relationship alive and contact with them when their skills have improved.


4. Truth is not always the best option. ✔

People are insecure and if you hurt their feelings, they will find a way to get back at you by hurting the company’s reputation or writing a bad review.

Thus, if you think that the truth may offend them, most likely it will. So we recommend giving vague reasons on what happened to keep them open for future opportunities in your organization.



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