So your firm has tasked you in finding an executive. What do you do?

NewConfig, a premier Executive Staffing Services firm with accomplished Executive Recruiters, has been placing executives at firms for years so we decided to share with you one lesson from these placements. Why? To educate you and save you time. 

The first step is to meet with your firm’s stakeholders- the hiring managers who the executive will be reporting to. You must and understand from them their requirement and ask them questions about their requirements such as:

What are the most important soft skills: communication, leadership, project management?

How important are technical skills to the hiring manager: IT systems knowledge (such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce), system architecture, etc? These are important Executive Staffing Services questions.

What is the salary range? This is the most important question for most candidates. You need to accept that money is important for executives. Many Executive Staffing firms including NewConfig have found that this question is the most complex question in the process. Compensation involves yearly salary, team bonuses, relocation pay-outs, options, and sign-on bonuses.

Do not worry: you will never know exactly how much an executive will earn, but you can approximate it to potential candidates. After meeting with the hiring manager and thanking them for their time, (it is important to maintain a great relationship with them especially since you will be interacting with them regularly) you are ready to start the Executive Headhunting search.