A recent report on DevOps confirms the quick evolution of this relatively new industry. By integrating the work of software development and IT operations, elite DevOps performers, a group that has tripled in the previous year, have proven that the practice is sustainable and secure.

The report’s lead researcher, Dr. Nicole Forsgren, is positively bullish on the potential of the growing industry:

“We’re far enough into DevOps transformations that this is a safe and smart move,” she says, “and even…risk-averse and cautious companies are adopting these methods and hustling to catch up – and taking advantage of the decade of learnings we have from the rest of the industry.”

One prominent example of DevOps adoption is the IRS’s new software automation project, the Deployment and Release Integration and Visibility Engine (DRIVE). Notwithstanding the unwieldy name, the project has already streamlined the IRS’s legacy processes, which often resulted in what Stephen Dill, an IRS IT specialist, calls “death by too many options.”

GCN, a site devoted to Government IT, recently reported on the dramatic improvements for the IRS:

“Under legacy conditions, the average software deployment took about 27.5 hours of combined effort. Under DRIVE, that time was cut to four hours, and officials believe they can get it down to two hours.”

Despite the tremendous improvements by industry leaders, many businesses struggle to integrate a viable DevOps model. Part of the issue is how DevOps challenges traditional views of software development and IT.

As we’ve noted before: “By removing the divisions between these two teams, organizations hope to engender a collaborative environment that improves product creation while accelerating time to market.”

New forms of collaboration may pose a challenge for enterprises that lack the cultural pliability to evolve standard practices. This problem is indicative of an essential challenge currently facing many businesses—the challenge of DevOps Staffing.

How do you source and hire qualified DevOps professionals to help you transition to a new system and a new culture? After all, as Dr. Forsgren notes, “DevOps has a background of grassroots culture.”

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