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Each Friday, the website Cyber Security Hub posts a notable “Incident of the Week,” which details a recent cybersecurity breach—“from password spraying to ransomware to data leaks (and everything in between).”

Unfortunately, the website is not at a loss for material. Hackers attack personal computers with Internet connections every 39 seconds, and the risk is no less for corporations. According to recent statistics, the U.S accounts for over 130 large-scale, targeted breaches per year, “and that number is growing by 27 percent per year” (source).

Just as worrisome, however, is the risk of “small-scale” breaches to small businesses, who have little or no infrastructure, and who account for 43% of all attacks.

Cybersecurity Talent is Hard to Find

As Cyber Defense Magazine notes:

“It makes a lot of sense that the little guy is targeted so often. While the benefit of such attack for the hacker is relatively small, it is much easier to pull it off. Many small businesses have minimal security infrastructure, making them easy prey for data predators.”

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Despite the near-constant threat, however, most businesses cannot find qualified cybersecurity talent. Recent evidence shows nearly 300,000 cybersecurity positions remain unfilled in the U.S. each year, a number that will increase in coming years—up to 3.5 million worldwide by 2021 (source).

Of course, these unfilled positions do offer a bit of good news for workers. As Nancy Hammervick notes in The Hill: “More and more job seekers recognize what is at stake and are eager to embrace an opportunity to work in the cybersecurity space.”

For many companies, however, the landscape may look bleak. As the statistics reveal, cybersecurity is a complex challenge. Moreover, despite the seeming influx of aspiring cybersecurity applicants, the central recruitment challenge remains: How do you find genuinely qualified and skilled candidates?

A Bad Cybersecurity Hire Can Damage Your Firm

More than most positions, a bad cybersecurity hire can prove to be devastating, costing incalculable damage to a company’s finances and reputation. Hiring managers face an intensely competitive landscape and most recruitment professionals, including many so-called cybersecurity staffing agencies, lack cybersecurity knowledge.

The solution for besieged businesses is a truly knowledgeable Cybersecurity Staffing Agency, like NewConfig, who can help you discover and attract the top talent. To learn more about our cybersecurity staffing services, contact us today or call our Philadelphia offices: 1-800-901-6526.