Tip #1:
Please SMILE during the interview.

Smiling shows confidence.

It shows that you like the other person that is interviewing you. It shows you are comfortable too. All of these are good emotions to show during the interview.

You want to show confidence and comfort because these are signs of competence.

Not smiling has lost my candidates more roles than I can remember, even though we told them to smile. Smiling also shows enthusiasm about the role, which is also important.

You want to show you are interested in the role because it is important for the Hiring Manager to know that you want this role before they move you to the next step.

So please smile 🙂

Tip #2:
Do not talk about other places you are interviewing.

If you are asked, “Are you interviewing at other companies?”
You can say, “Yes, I am, but your role and your company are at the top of my list.”

They do not need to know if they are number one or number three. They are still on the top if you are there talking to them.

Talking about other places you are interviewing shows that you are not enthusiastic about the role, and this is critical for you to get the job.

Showing enthusiasm and competence are the top two factors of candidates getting jobs.

Tip #3:
Research the Company Before You Interview. 

This is important as most Hiring Managers and HR will ask you a version of, “What have you heard or know about us?” If the answer is nothing, again, it talks to your lack of enthusiasm for the role.

You have to show enthusiasm for the role to move forward and get the job.

No one will give you the job if they sense you do not want it, and not knowing anything about the organization is a sign that you really do not want it.

After all, if you wanted it, you would have taken five minutes to at least google them to know about them before the interview.