As a Hiring Manager, you should watch out for these 4 red flags when you are interviewing a candidate:

Red Flag #1: Tardiness

Most of the time, when the interview is scheduled the candidate has at least a 24-hour notice that the interview is going to happen. If they care about the role and they want the job, then they are going to show up on time. It really shows a lack of preparation and a lack of enthusiasm for the role if they show up late.

They should not be logging into the meeting the minute that the meeting begins, but at least 5 to 10 minutes earlier. Furthermore, if the meeting is on-site, then they should come to the interview a half hour early to make sure that they’re on time.

Coming on time is very important because it shows that you are interested in the role and that you are prepared.

People that prepare are usually successful.

Red Flag #2: Does the person talk badly about their current employer?

If they talk badly and complain about their current employer, then guess what? When they start working for you they will start complaining about you and it is not good because it lowers the morale of your whole team if they start complaining about you to other employees.

Bad energy begets bad energy.

Red Flag #3: They don’t know much about your firm.

If they scheduled an interview with you and they have not taken five minutes to Google you, to search for information at least on your website or your LinkedIn page, again it shows a lack of interest and preparation for the role. It literally takes five minutes to do some research. If they do not take the time to look you up and find out more about you, that means they are not really interested in you and to me, that’s a really big red flag.

The simplest way to know is to ask them, “What do you know about our organization?”

Red Flag #4: Lack of enthusiasm.

When the person is just not into your organization, you could tell that by their body language and by their actions.”

You can tell this if:

  • They have prepared.
  • They showed up on time.
  • They ask questions about the position, and about your career history at the firm.
  • They are enthusiastic about the firm.
  • They send you a thank you note after the interview.

All of this is very important.

If they do not do this, then they are not enthusiastic about the role, and if they are not enthusiastic about the role, then I would not encourage you to hire them.

You do not want job hoppers. You want someone loyal that is going to be with you for at least five years or more.

I hope I helped you in your hiring and stay tuned for the next emails with more valuable content.

If you need professional advice for hiring top talent, then please reach out to me and I will gladly help you.