Workday is a cloud-based software company that businesses use to perform various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functions. ERP is a vast global market expected to reach $86.30 billion by 2027 (source).

ERP businesses provide tools for companies to streamline various business processes, including the “moving parts or manufacturing and distribution” like “customer management, human resources, business intelligence, financial management, inventory and supply chain capabilities” (source).

Workday has positioned itself as a full-fledged cloud-based ERP solution competing with ERP leaders like SAP and Salesforce. However, Workday’s bread and butter tools focus on “human capital” or Human Capital Management (HCM), including human resources, finances, benefits, expenses, and procurement. Workday also makes tools for colleges and universities to streamline recruitment, admissions, and curriculum.

The businesses and schools using these tools often face initial implementation challenges, including data migration, budgeting, testing, and training existing employees on the new system. To meet these implementation challenges (and more), many seek the help of experienced Workday consultants.

NewConfig is a Workday staffing agency that helps companies meet implementation challenges by finding the right Workday consultants to implement, monitor, and manage the systems.

To learn more about our top-tier staffing agency, contact our offices in Montgomery County, PA. And read below to understand how the recent pandemic has increased the need for Workday solutions and Workday consultants.

Workday Solutions for Staffing in 2022 and Beyond

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In the wake of the pandemic, it’s no secret that global economies are facing dramatic staffing shortages. Talent shortages are at a ten-year high in the US, with healthcare staffing meeting the most immediate (and stark) needs.

Part of the problem is a labor shortage, yet it’s a “complicated mix of many different economic factors” (source), including childcare availability, worker flexibility, and health concerns.

As a recruitment firm working proximate to a major city (Philadelphia, PA), NewConfig also understands another major problem: shoddy recruitment practices.

Workday staffing models can help businesses improve all aspects of recruiting “using automated campaigns, tailored landing pages, and real-time analytics” (source).

Of course, the switch to Workday solutions often means switching means from older financial tools provided by Oracle and SAP, and with this switch, more companies will need to hire Workday consultants. Forbes notes: Workday experience will become incredibly valuable over the next five years.

Unfortunately, Workday experience is challenging to find, and up to 50% exaggerate or downright lie about their experience, according to Glassdoor.

Workday solutions can make your company much more productive. However, to realize this productivity increase, you need experienced Workday consultants advising you and doing the correct configuration to your new Workday system.

NewConfig has helped many organizations, from Start-Ups to Fortune 1000 companies, source their Workday talent. NewConfig’s recruiters have Workday staffing experience to understand your Workday specific needs and how to find this specialized talent and recruit them to join your firm.

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