Your Workday Solution is Only as Great as Your Workday Consultants

Many recruitment firms understand staffing. But few know ERP solutions like Workday. NewConfig is the rare Workday staffing agency that knows the people and understands the product itself.

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Once considered a financial management and human resources tool for businesses of all sizes, Workday has recently positioned itself as a full-fledged cloud-based ERP solution in competition with ERP leaders, Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce.

Forbes recently asked Workday’s CEO Aneel Bhusri if he believes CFOs will honestly consider replacing on-site solutions with cloud-based ERP systems. His answer revealed confidence validated by Workday’s recent earnings.

Bhursi, whose company will net $2.4 billion in revenue for 2018, said: “One of the reasons [cloud ERP] hasn’t taken off in the past is that the products, including ours, were just not ready… But from a feature/function perspective, we’re confident that they are ready today.”

The challenge for companies, of course, is finding the right Workday consultants to implement, monitor, and manage the system.

As Forbes notes elsewhere: Workday experience will become incredibly valuable over the next five years.

Unfortunately, compared to Oracle and SAP, Workday experience is harder to find, and many applicants exaggerate or downright lie about the experience—up to 50% of all workers, according to Glassdoor.

Workday is an investment that will transform your business. To implement, monitor, or manage your Workday ERP solution, you need superstar Workday consultants with keen product knowledge, efficiency, and integrity.

NewConfig can help you find the right Workday consultants. Our hands-on Workday experience guides our process: We combine rich product knowledge with staffing expertise to source and hire the best Workday consultants for your company.

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