The pandemic accelerated digitization worldwide, and more businesses have adopted ERP solutions like NetSuite Oracle to transition to the cloud. ERP solutions like NetSuite Oracle often offer the best way to update business processes and maintain system integrity while managing long-term growth.

According to a survey by McKinsey, “COVID-19 speeded the adoption of digital technologies by several years—and many of these changes could be here for the long haul.”

Yet such a change does not come without challenges. From data mining to system configurations to testing, not to mention training staff on the new software, implementing an ERP system like NetSuite ERP, NetSuite CRM, or NetSuite Accounting requires skilled talent.

Sadly, most companies do not have the capital to manage the process in-house, and up to 80% of businesses fail to implement a successful ERP solution like NetSuite (source). Considering the risks, including high Oracle NetSuite costs, many companies may be hesitant to make the shift. One solution is hiring new talent, like NetSuite consultants, project managers, administrators, or developers.

NewConfig is the best NetSuite Headhunter in the recruitment game. From our offices in Montgomery County, PA, we source and hire talented NetSuite personnel for businesses worldwide. Our headhunters have strong relationships with the NetSuite community, and we know the cultural attitudes and skills that guarantee a successful NetSuite CRM, ERP, or accounting implementation.

NetSuite Headhunters can help organizations successfully implement new cloud systems by finding said organizations the right talent for success.

Netsuite Implementation The Benefits of a Netsuite Headhunter

Before the Project Begins: Planning and Goals

Many businesses contact recruiters only after making critical decisions about new ERP solutions. But a good NetSuite Headhunter consultant can be a crucial asset in planning the project and establishing goals.

As a top NetSuite headhunter agency, NewConfig has experience helping businesses plan and implement NetSuite solutions, like NetSuite ERP or NetSuite CRM. We understand how to help businesses identify objectives and goals and structure a staffing solution to improve precise KPIs (key performance indicators).

Choosing the Right Implementation Staff

Hiring the right staff ensures that your NetSuite implementation process goes smoothly.

A NetSuite project manager or consultant with ERP expertise and implementation experience can guide your employees to an easy transition, helping your team understand new roles and responsibilities while optimizing knowledge of the new system.

A NetSuite developer will develop the software, customize elements for your unique usage parameters, and refine the interface to work best with your team.

NetSuite administrators can perform the functions of both the project manager and developer, ensuring system performance and troubleshooting any problems.

No matter the position, NewConfig helps our partners hire the most suitable ERP employees—employees who can perform the job with skill and share our partner’s goals for short and long-term growth.

Beyond Implementation: Employee Training

As noted above, the transition to a new ERP system like NetSuite Oracle requires that existing team members understand new roles and responsibilities.

Many businesses enjoy a streamlined implementation with the proper staffing, yet most enterprises require rigorous employee training to transition to the processes.

NewConfig’s recruiters have extensive ERP experience, and we understand how to find the experts to train employees on new ERP systems. We help businesses devise on-site training models that quickly and efficiently onboard all existing employees, including the IT team, who may require more extensive training.

NewConfig: A NetSuite Headhunter Agency

NewConfig is a NetSuite Headhunter Agency in Montgomery County, PA. Our headhunters hire skilled full-time and contract NetSuite talent for businesses worldwide.

Our headhunters include former developers and programmers confident in the NetSuite Oracle ecosystem. Please do not hesitate to contact our offices in Montgomery County, PA, to learn more about our NetSuite Headhunter Agency.