We’ve Been Matching Top Salesforce Talent with Key Roles for Over 10 Years

Building Your Dream Salesforce Team

  • Find the Perfect Fit: We use a proven 6-step system to identify the top 15% of Salesforce talent, ensuring they excel in technical and soft skills like communication and teamwork.
  • Targeted Search: We understand your specific needs. We’ll discuss your company culture and the role’s requirements to find candidates who are a great match.
  • Nationwide Network: We have access to a vast pool of Salesforce professionals across the US, so you have many qualified candidates.
  • Expert Screening: Our experienced recruiters will assess each candidate’s technical skills, cultural fit, and background to ensure they meet your exact requirements.
  • Top Candidates Delivered: We’ll present detailed profiles of 3-4 highly qualified candidates who best fit your needs.
  • Streamlined Hiring: We’ll handle reference checks for the candidates you choose to interview, saving you time and effort.
  • Long-Term Success: We help you through the entire hiring process to find the ideal candidate to be a vital Salesforce asset on your team.

Top Salesforce talent for financial services

At NewConfig, we’re a leading recruitment agency specializing in placing Salesforce professionals within the financial industry. We understand the specific needs of financial organizations using Salesforce and are dedicated to connecting you with the perfect candidates to fuel your success.


Salesforce for Healthcare & Life Sciences

The healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech fields are constantly changing. To stay ahead, you need the right team with the perfect blend of expertise. That’s where Salesforce comes in. It combines cutting-edge technology with deep industry knowledge to help you succeed.

Salesforce goes beyond just managing patient relationships. It can transform your entire operation, from streamlining clinical trials to optimizing workflows.


Top Salesforce Talent for Software Development

At NewConfig, we specialize in Salesforce talent acquisition for software development companies. We understand the unique challenges you face in finding qualified candidates.

Our proven track record speaks for itself. We leverage our expertise in Salesforce and deep network within the community to build high-performing Salesforce teams that drive your business growth.

Build Your Dream Salesforce Team: Flexible Staffing Solutions

Finding the right talent for your Salesforce needs can be a challenge. That’s where NewConfig comes in. We offer flexible staffing solutions to fit your evolving workforce needs, whether you need permanent, contract, or contingent employees.

  • Get the Skills You Need, When You Need Them: Fill project gaps or scale your team quickly with contract/temporary Salesforce professionals—access specialized skills exactly when and where you need them without adding to your permanent headcount.
  • Build Your Forever Team: Finding top Salesforce talent is tough. Our nationwide network helps you find the most qualified and experienced professionals. We save you time and effort in the salesforce professional recruitment journey so you can focus on what matters most.

Do you need a talented professional or a whole team?

Whether you need temporary or permanent staff, our recruiters can find the perfect fit. We work across many specializations to fill your specific needs.