As the world’s #1 CRM software, Salesforce’s robust jobs economy is predicted to reach 3.3 million by 2022. Despite the abundance of positions, competition for Salesforce developers continues to grow. Software development is often cited as one of the best jobs in the world, and many top developers are attracted to Salesforce for the rich community, the comprehensive training platform, Trailhead, and top salaries.

Businesses of all sizes need skilled Salesforce developers to configure and manage systems, innovate custom solutions, and promote a culture of efficiency. However, the unique value of Salesforce developers translates to a central challenge: hiring top-tier talent.

NewConfig is a Salesforce developer recruitment agency located in Montgomery County, PA. We help small and large businesses source and hire skilled Salesforce developers for a variety of projects. Below we discuss how to hire Salesforce developers by looking for the right skills.

Salesforce Developer Recruitment: Look for the Right Skills

A Salesforce developer can help you promote efficiency by optimizing use-case scenarios for Salesforce. To streamline operations effectively, however, the best developers must have a mix of two attributes, one common and one uncommon.

Technical Skills

Salesforce uses more than one programming language. Apex is used for platform changes. HTML is used to update the User Interface, including formats, indentation, and functionality for various applications, like the shopping cart, e-commerce, and leads. You need an Apex expert when making changes unique to your company.

However, Salesforce development requires more than mere knowledge of the development language. Salesforce developers must also know development tools like Eclipse, ID, Git, and Sublime.

Developer resumes often display these technical skills and a host of Salesforce certifications. Trailhead offers developers a way to learn the technology and earn certifications, but training and certification alone do not necessarily translate to top-tier talent. The ideal candidate’s resume will reveal the use of Apex and the tools in a real-world environment.


People Skills 

The term “people skills” has become a business cliché, but it refers to a crucially important part of the job of a developer. Unfortunately, most businesses ignore the importance of “people skills” like communication, analysis, open-mindedness, and teamwork, making or breaking a hire when hiring developers.

To effectively communicate, for example, a developer must ask (and answer) questions to solve problems, and the best developers understand how to translate development talk into simple terms. This skill may only be evident in an interview, but thoughtful and compelling cover letters can also reveal an applicant’s communication acuity.

Do You Need a Salesforce Staffing Firm?

Outsourcing Salesforce developer recruitment can increase your odds of finding the best developer for your business. But how do you handpick the right recruiting company? To find your Salesforce developer, partner with a staffing firm that understands the value of technical and soft skills, like communication, analysis, open-mindedness, and teamwork.

The recruiters at NewConfig are uniquely positioned to hire Salesforce developers because we have used the Salesforce software, working on teams of various sizes, to solve real-world business problems. We understand the language or development and the everyday language of business.

Please get in touch with our offices in Montgomery County, PA, to learn more about NewConfig’s unique Salesforce developer recruitment.