Finding the best Salesforce developer in today’s market is tough. Developers use so many different programming languages: Apex, JQuery, HTML, and Javascript that Salesforce Recruiters have trouble focusing on what matters. 

Here I want to highlight the pitfalls of recruiting for Salesforce developers so to help you catch developer imposters if you do not want to use one of the premier Salesforce Recruitment Firms, NewConfig, just yet. uses more than one programming language. NewConfig Salesforce Recruiters know this. Apex is used for changes to the platform and HTML is used to update the User Interface including formats, indentation, and functionality (Shopping cart, E-Commerce, Leads etc). Your IT team needs Apex experts when they are making changes to that is not standard and unique to your company.

Also be suspicious of candidates claiming they know APEX just because they know java since they claim it is similar to Apex. There is much more that goes into being a Salesforce than just knowing the programming language. For example, Salesforce Developers must use Bootstrap or other tools to create User Interfaces on the front end of websites. Knowing java would not guarantee that a candidate knows front end development. Unlike NewConfig’s Salesforce Staffers, other Salesforce Headhunters do not know this because they never worked with Salesforce themselves.

Finally, if you need help beyond this article, call NewConfig, the best Salesforce Recruitment Agency whose experts will guide you through this process to provide you the most qualified folks!