Security Threats to Peoplesoft Trouble Businesses


Last year (May, 2015) at an international security conference in Amsterdam, the security researcher Alexey Tyurin detailed threats to businesses using PeopleSoft’s ERP applications.

“A dozen vulnerabilities were discussed,” Threatpost reported, “including a trio of…missteps that put business data at risk ranging from employee and customer personal information to supply chain data to other business critical information that could expose a company to corporate espionage and reputational damage.”

Tyurin put businesses using PeopleSoft on notice: “Customers may be at risk for a long time, if they don’t…reconfigure systems properly.”

Around this time, NewConfig, an executive staffing company that specializes in PeopleSoft recruitment, fielded calls from concerned businesses. Many businesses realized, too late, an additional threat: They had hired inexperienced PeopleSoft developers.

IT recruitment is tricky. PeopleSoft recruitment campaign might attract a host of seemingly qualified applicants. Developers list strong SQL backgrounds and rich coding experience. Many applicants list ERP trainings; some have PeopleSoft certificates. Unfortunately, many applicants inflate credentials. Some lie. And even honest applications do not tell the whole story.

A good IT staffing agency will tell you: PeopleSoft talent is hard to find. As Alexey Tyurin noted last year: “It’s hard to dive into those systems, hard to install, analyze and understand business-logic. But once you are into this area, you can relatively easily find very interesting and critical findings.”

The key is experience. To find qualified applicants, partner with a qualified IT recruitment agency like NewConfig.