Civil engineering professionals are pivotal in designing, building, and maintaining infrastructure. As we embark on the “infrastructure decade,” recruiting and hiring civil engineers will be paramount for engineering firms, construction companies, and governmental bodies.

However, the recruitment process is often fraught with challenges, including stringent time constraints and a scarcity of qualified candidates. NewConfig, a seasoned civil engineering staffing firm, is here to assist. We specialize in finding the best civil engineers, including civil project, structural, and construction engineers, to meet your needs.

At NewConfig, we understand the challenges organizations face in attracting and hiring the best civil engineering talent. Below, we delve into these challenges and offer potential solutions tailored to your needs.

Hiring Civil Engineers: The Challenges

Time Constraints

Construction projects and infrastructure developments are often time-sensitive, requiring the timely hiring of competent construction engineers to meet deadlines and avoid delays. The pressure to fill positions rapidly can sometimes lead to rushed hiring decisions and potentially unsatisfactory employment matches.

Lack of Qualified Candidates

There is a noticeable gap in the availability of skilled and experienced civil engineers in the job market. As the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) notes, “The problem is clear to many leaders in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry: There simply are not enough engineers to do all the infrastructure work planned or underway in the U.S” (source).

Industry demand exacerbates the scarcity, making it difficult for employers to find candidates with a specific skill set and experience.

Competition from Other Sectors

Civil engineers are sought after in traditional construction and infrastructure sectors such as technology, manufacturing, and environmental industries, fueling demand for diverse engineering professionals, from ground (highway engineers) to sky (aviation engineers).

This cross-industry demand heightens competition and makes it challenging for companies focused on civil projects to attract top talent.

Evolving Skill Requirements

The civil engineering field continuously evolves technology, such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) and sustainable design practices. The need for engineers who are technically proficient and adept with new tools and approaches is increasing, widening the skill gap.


NewConfig: Solutions and Insights from an Engineering Firm

Enhance the Recruitment Process

Streamlining the recruitment process can significantly help companies manage time constraints effectively.) Leveraging professional networking sites like LinkedIn can speed up the sourcing, and clear and detailed job descriptions, realistic previews of roles, and efficient interviews can aid in quicker and better-quality hires.

Invest in Employer Branding

A strong employer brand highlights a company’s values, work culture, and employee benefits, attracting more qualified candidates. Companies can showcase cutting-edge projects, commitment to sustainable practices, and opportunities for professional development to make a firm more appealing to skilled engineering professionals.

Develop Partnerships with Educational Institutions

Partnerships with universities and technical schools can be a strategic long-term solution to the talent shortage. Offering internships, cooperative education programs, and participating in career fairs allows companies to tap into a pool of budding engineers.

Focus on Professional Development

Organizations that invest in professional development attract and retain talent more effectively. Training in the latest engineering technologies, sponsoring certifications, and offering clear career progression help to maintain an engaged and competent workforce.

Targeted Retention Strategies

Retaining the talent you already have can mitigate the urgency and frequency of hiring new staff. Implementing competitive compensation packages, fostering a positive work environment, recognizing and rewarding performance, and ensuring work-life balance help keep valuable engineers from seeking opportunities elsewhere.


NewConfig: Helping Your Company Find the Right Engineering Professionals

Most civil engineering staffing firms employ a cookie-cutter hiring approach. While hiring qualified engineering professionals poses numerous challenges, NewConfig helps companies adopt strategic approaches to overcome any obstacle.

By enhancing recruitment processes, strengthening employer branding, nurturing future talent through partnerships, and focusing on professional development and retention, our engineering recruitment firm helps you fill immediate hiring needs and build a resilient workforce for long-term growth and innovation in civil engineering. Contact our offices in Montgomery County, PA, to learn more.