Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms like NetSuite provide tools for companies to streamline operations. Over 30,000 companies globally use NetSuite, for example, for cloud financing and e-commerce (source).

To optimize the platform, however, a business must successfully implement the software. The cost of the Oracle NetSuite software is quite substantial, yet Gartner reports that up to 80% of companies fail to create a successful ERP system (source).

Managing a NetSuite business with an assortment of projects often requires the help of a NetSuite recruitment consultant. To adeptly hire full-time and contract professionals, many firms outsource to offshore NetSuite recruitment agencies. While offshore help may reduce costs, firms risk unreliable connections, language and cultural barriers, and accountability issues (source).

NewConfig is a NetSuite recruitment agency based in Montgomery County, PA. We offer an alternative to firms who want to hire both full-time and contract-based in-house NetSuite teams. Our team works within the NetSuite community, and we understand the personality and skills required to successfully implement and administer a successful NetSuite CRM or ERP system.

Please get in touch with our offices today to learn more about our NetSuite recruitment agency. And please read below to learn more about the benefits of working with a NetSuite recruiter who can source and hire in-house consultants, project managers, administrators, and developers for short and long-term projects.

NetSuite Recruitment: The Benefits of In-House Talent

A Cohesive Team

From NetSuite accounting to NetSuite CRM solutions, all projects require the work of a dedicated team. Talent who work directly with businesses soon become a part of the culture, and dedicated team members are more likely to invest the time and energy to create successful projects. As a NetSuite recruitment consultant, NewConfig strives to match the right professionals with suitable projects with the necessary buy-in from the business and employee.


Shared Goals

A cohesive in-house team is also more likely to share a singular vision and similar goals. For freelance employees, especially offshore employees, a successful project is a completed project. No project is ever complete for an in-house employee; the goal is to evolve over many project iterations. NewConfig’s recruitment strategy focuses on sourcing and hiring NetSuite professionals who exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit—who share our partner’s goals for long-term growth.



We understand that many NetSuite projects require both permanent and temporary in-house talent. While some businesses may experience a relatively streamlined implementation, others may need more time-consuming tasks, like data migration, and many companies may experience both simultaneously. Both full-time and in-house contract staff offer the flexibility to work on diverse projects that provide seamless communication (often missing in offshore teams).

NewConfig: A NetSuite Recruitment Agency

A NetSuite Recruitment Agency

NewConfig is a NetSuite Recruitment Agency in Montgomery County, PA. Our recruiters staff skilled full-time and contract NetSuite talent for local and global businesses.

Our recruiters include former developers and programmers confident in the NetSuite Oracle ecosystem. Are you interested in learning how the NewConfig Team can help you? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our offices in Montgomery County, PA.