Oracle acquired the ERP solution NetSuite in 2016 to strengthen its cloud-based offerings. Since then, NetSuite has taken advantage of the increased capital and resources to grow its customer base to over 28,000 users (source).

Many of these users are small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who use NetSuite to streamline technology and relieve the daily burden of administrative work. As NetSuite notes, “The top three business goals cited for implementation are achieving cost savings (46%), better performance metrics (46%) and improved efficiencies in business transactions (40%) (source).

However, most SMBs also know the harrowing statistics about ERP implementation: the consulting firms Gartner and McKinsey pin the failure rate at 75% and 70%, respectively (source). The fact is that most organizations require outside help to secure successful implementation.

NetSuite implementation consultants can help a business drive a new ERP project by analyzing needs, managing the project, and fixing the inevitable problems that lead to ERP implementation failures.


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And please read below to learn about the benefits of NetSuite consulting services.

NetSuite Consulting Services: Three Key Benefits

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Analyzing Unique ERP Needs 

NetSuite is an excellent ERP solution—if you optimize it for your unique business needs. Many ERP implementation failures start with ill-defined needs. NetSuite implementation consultants can help you choose your software needs from the rich ecosystem of NetSuite options.

A NetSuite implementation consultant can also help you identify the critical challenges the new solution will place on your team. You can build the best team to implement your project for long-term success by identifying challenges early.


Project Management 

A good NetSuite ERP consultant understands that project implementation requires additional resources. Businesses that implement ERP solutions in-house often fail because they do not allow enough resources for the project.

ERP implementation is not a side job—the work required can place an undue burden on employees who have many other tasks. By outsourcing project management to a NetSuite ERP consultant, a business can use resources efficiently so no one feels overworked. As part of your team, a good NetSuite consultant will relieve the burden of much of the work while allotting tasks to the right people at the right time.


Identifying and Fixing Mistakes

ERP mistakes can be catastrophic. Small businesses can expect to pay between $25,000 to $150,000 on an ERP solution (source). Failure should not be an option with so much cash and resources on the line.

A good NetSuite consultant is trained to identify and fix systemic problems that lead to failure. Often the problems can be attributed to poor communication and training. A NetSuite consultant will cover both bases by unifying your team and identifying training needs.

Of course, the best NetSuite consultants will also provide training, ensuring that employees understand how to use the system and avoid mistakes.

NewConfig: Your Global NetSuite Partner

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