Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, also often called D365 finance and operations, is a prominent enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution offered by Microsoft.

Microsoft designed MD365 FO to help organizations manage and streamline financial and operational processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is used by nearly 3000 businesses worldwide (source), a modest number compared to ERP heavyweights like SAP.

Microsoft recently announced an upgrade to the platform that may significantly increase its market share: an AI “co-pilot” intended to help users “reduce repetitive tasks” (source). Unfortunately, many workers fear the loss of jobs due to AI, and recent headlines even emphasized that AI could lead to the loss of “300 million jobs worldwide” (source).

The fear stoked by the headlines ignores the nuance that AI could lead to many new jobs and increased productivity. For example, as the use of AI grows in scope and popularity in ERP applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365, many businesses will need to find the right workers to use the ERP solution to its best possible benefit.

NewConfig is an IT recruitment agency specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations and Finance recruitment. We serve clients worldwide from our home offices in Montgomery County, PA.

Below we discuss how to recruit skilled D365 finance and operations talent.

How Do You Recruit Skilled Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations and Finance Talent?

Recruiting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations workers requires a strategic approach to attracting qualified professionals with the optimal skills and experience. Paying attention to the below tasks will help to ensure success.

Detailed Job Requirements

Whether you’re seeking a Dynamics 365 finance specialist or a D365 F&O Finance Consultant, identifying the required skills, qualifications, and experience, such as knowledge of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations modules, or expertise in finance and accounting or supply chain management, is crucial.

Then, of course, you must write a detailed job description highlighting the requirements and the benefits of working for your company.

Engage with D365 Finance and Operation Communities

Instead of browsing the all-too-common online job boards, participate in online forums, user groups, and communities dedicated to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Engaging with professionals in these communities can amplify your chances of finding specific skilled talent. And engage with communities specific to your posting. Are you looking for a finance administrator or a D365 FO Consultant? Find a Microsoft D365 financial services community.

Talk the Talk During Recruitment and Interviews

When screening candidates and conducting interviews, ensure you understand the basic features and usage cases of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. If helpful, include staff who understand the platform and how it works in your company.

This nuanced screening process is the rare forte of HR departments, so you may need to look to other departments, including your finance and operations managers, to find suitable additions.

Should You Hire an IT Recruitment Firm for D365 Operations and Finance Recruitment?

IT Recruitment firm for financial company in Huntingdon Valley, PA

Any direct-hire recruitment firm can help a company find finance and operations administrators or finance and operations managers. So, partnering with an IT recruitment agency can be a great idea. However, your best option is a firm like NewConfig specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations and Finance recruitment.

Every ERP platform is unique. IT recruitment firms specializing in specific ERP Packages like D365 finance and operations understand the nuances of recruiting employees for the core functionalities of the platform.

NewConfig: A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations and Finance Recruitment Firm

NewConfig is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 operations and finance recruitment firm serving clients worldwide. Contact us today at our offices in Montgomery County, PA. We use our extensive technical experience to help you hire the skilled talent you need. From D365 F&O Finance Consultants to finance and operations administrators, we can help you find the right talent to run your Dynamics 365 platform.