IT recruitment is challenging. Costs stop firms from hiring strong programming talent. Furthermore, many companies bypass younger coders because of a perceived lack of credentials. In the end, a good hire is rare, and many firms miss filling key positions.

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Java Developers: Quality over Quantity

Before the pandemic, experts debated the apparent shortage of software developers, especially Java Developers. Most agreed on the assessment of the popular online Java Developer tutorial, Code Gym: “the software industry still has a SHORTAGE of well-qualified and properly trained Java developers.”

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The problem, as Code Gym notes, is not quantity but quality.

Even throughout the pandemic, developer positions continued to grow (albeit more slowly). Now, as certain parts of the world emerge from the pandemic, technology hiring is bouncing back, and “demand for expertise with established languages like Java and JavaScript is still strong” (source).

However, if the future looks bullish for Java Developers, small to medium-sized firms searching for Java talent may be left in the dust. Google, Facebook, and Twitters of the world snatch the best developers. So what can one do to compete in this market?

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Why Partner with a Java Developer Recruitment Firm?

Java Developers, like most people, look for exciting opportunities. Despite the boom in computer science degrees, few developers have a “longtime love of coding.” To find the passionate few, a company must present an enticing offer and a streamlined hiring process that respects the time and talent of top developers.

Hiring Managers test Java Developers on coding prowess, proficiency, and object-oriented programming. The best talent will display an intuitive knowledge of the ecosystem while revealing a familiarity with data types, Servlets, and the basics of the class loading mechanism (source).

Unfortunately, many companies fail on all counts, from the ad to the interview to the testing. To create the best recruitment process and hire the best Java developers, companies need a capable ally who understands the different languages of recruitment and development, ideally an experienced IT staffing firm specializing in Java Developer Recruitment.

NewConfig: A Java Developer Recruitment Firm

Unique in the IT Staffing market, NewConfig combines extensive recruitment knowledge with real development knowledge. We know how to source great Java developers, for example, because our recruiters thrived in the Java ecosystem before joining our firm.

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