The IBM AS/400 system was released in 1988 to provide small to medium-sized businesses with a robust and reliable computer system to manage critical data and business applications all in one place. Designed to be secure, scalable, and easy to use, the architecture of the IBM AS/400 uses a custom chipset to run multiple applications and tasks simultaneously.

After several decades, many companies continue to rely on IBM AS400 to support their business operations. However, with an aging workforce and the system’s increasing complexity, businesses have needed help finding qualified professionals to implement, configure, customize, and manage IBM AS 400 applications and associated data management solutions.

NewConfig is an IBM AS/400 staffing company. We provide businesses with qualified and experienced professionals to manage all aspects of the midrange system, from applications to IBM AS/400 cloud hosting and database solutions. Whether a business needs a temporary resource to fill a gap or a permanent employee to manage its IBM AS/400 system, NewConfig provides the most suitable talent.

Contact NewConfig today to learn more about AS400 recruitment services. And please read below to learn more about the various “pain points” associated with IBM AS/400 and why you need a qualified professional to ensure your system is optimized to meet your business needs.

IBM AS/400 Database Management, Cloud Hosting, and Business Applications: Common Pain Points Implementation

Implementing an IBM AS/400 system involves several steps, including hardware installation, operating system installation, and application installation. Unfortunately, according to the popular website ERP Focus, up to 60% of ERP implementations fail (source). Don’t be a statistic! A good professional can help you assess your needs and choose the proper hardware, ensuring a good start.


Once you have your hardware, you must install and configure the associated IBM i operating system by setting up system parameters, configuring network settings, and creating user accounts. Working with a qualified IBM AS/400 professional, a business can guarantee that the configuration makes sense for its unique business needs.


Customization, an extension of configuration, involves installing software packages, configuring databases, and setting up user permissions. The “human side” of the system is essential in this stage, so a business should ensure they are working with an IBM AS/400 professional who can legibly explain the options and the impacts of choosing specific options. A

Additionally, before deploying the AS/400 system, a qualified professional can help you thoroughly test and validate it to ensure it meets your business requirements.


Businesses using the IBM AS/400 mainframe for cloud hosting, database management, and business applications will likely need ongoing management to optimize the system performance and train their employees to use the AS/400 system and its applications. Proper training may involve creating user manuals, offering training sessions, and ongoing support, so you should hire a professional who is fluent in the technical side and a good “people person.”


NewConfig: IBM AS/400 Recruitment Services

Implementing IBM AS/400 mainframe software can be a complicated process requiring careful planning and execution. Working with experienced professionals who deeply understand the system and can guide you through the implementation process is essential.

One benefit of using an IBM AS400 recruitment company like NewConfig is that we can help you save time and money on recruitment. Hiring for IBM AS400 positions can be time-consuming and costly. With NewConfig’s IBM AS400 recruitment services, businesses can tap into a network of screened and vetted professionals and professionals with specialized expertise.

To help your businesses avoid costly mistakes and ensure your IBM AS400 systems are running efficiently, contact NewConfig today to learn more about our IBM AS/400 recruitment services.