What is IBM AS/400?

IBM AS/400 is a series of midrange computer systems first introduced by IBM in 1988 to provide a reliable, scalable, and integrated computing platform for small and medium-sized businesses. The IBM AS/400 mainframe includes hardware, software, and system management capabilities to deliver a robust operating system, middleware, and many development tools.

IBM has updated the platform many times, and the business world still refers to the system as AS/400. Power Systems runs the modern iteration, an updated operating system called IBM i.

Of the 60,000 companies using the system, many prize reliability and stability, a key feature of IBM AS/400 cloud hosting, and easy compatibility, which promotes seamless integration between a company’s existing systems and applications and the IBM AS/400 database.

NewConfig is an IT staffing agency emphasizing IBM AS/400 recruiters. We’ve noticed a recent uptick in IBM AS/400 recruiting agencies, and we wanted to offer our perspective on the landscape.

To maximize the value of the IBM AS/400 platform, many companies are now partnering with recruiters to find skilled professionals to effectively maintain and support existing AS/400 systems, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation. The challenge is to find the right recruiting company for the job.

Why Do I Need to Hire IBM AS/400 Professionals?

Companies relying on the IBM AS/400 mainframe require skilled AS/400 professionals to maximize the system’s value, maintain existing applications, modernize legacy software, and drive innovation. The right professionals can help you perform the following mission-critical tasks:

Modernize Legacy Applications

Legacy applications built on the AS/400 platform may require modernization to meet evolving business needs and technology trends. An AS/400 developer can analyze existing codebases, understand your business requirements, and rewrite applications using contemporary development frameworks.

Integrate with External Systems

AS/400 systems often must integrate with external systems, such as web services, databases, cloud platforms, or third-party applications. AS/400 professionals are well-versed in the available integration tools and middleware, allowing them to design and implement seamless integration solutions.

Develop Custom Applications

When your business requires new applications to meet specific requirements, AS/400 developers can deliver tailor-made solutions. With their in-depth knowledge of the AS/400 platform and programming languages such as RPG, COBOL, and Java, they can design and develop custom applications that align with your business goals.

Avoid These IBM AS/400 Recruitment Mistakes


Some companies can capably hire IBM AS/400 professionals without partnering with an IT staffing agency. However, some companies must gain the knowledge or recruitment prowess to find the right professionals. The following recruitment mistakes can doom an IBM AS/400 recruitment campaign:

Lack of Technical Experience

Many HR departments need more technical knowledge to understand how the IBM AS/400 platform works. When speaking to potential candidates, knowledge of the technical aspects of IBM AS/400 facilitates a more productive and successful process.  Without this knowledge, HR departments are essentially shooting in the dark, looking for candidates that may look good on paper but may not have the appropriate expertise to perform the job.

The best IBM AS/400 recruiting agencies understand the unique intricacies of the platform, including knowledge of operating systems, coding languages, and infinite file systems (IFS). IBM AS/400 recruiters use this knowledge to discover the essential qualities that make an excellent IBM AS/400 hire.

Wasting Time and Money

Companies often believe they can save money by performing their candidate searches. The capital and time-saving benefits of sourcing certain generic positions may seem evident, but when hiring for roles that require complex skill sets, like IBM AS/400 professionals, outsourcing recruitment to an IT staffing agency is often the best choice.

Outsourcing to specialized recruiters frees the HR department to perform its core competencies, and since recruitment firms often work quickly, companies can save the expense of lengthy candidate searches.

Not Realizing an ROI on Hires

Companies that invest in IBM AS/400 cloud hosting or other services make an initial financial commitment with the expectation of a substantial ROI.

The same is true for any hires. Outsourcing the process an IBM AS/400 recruiters allows businesses to tap into a vast global talent pool. Instead of being limited to local resources, organizations can leverage the expertise of professionals worldwide and realize a significant ROI on the investment.

Need IBM AS/400 Recruitment Help?

NewConfig is an IBM AS/400 recruiting agency serving clients worldwide. To learn more about how we can use our extensive technical experience to save you time and money while realizing a significant ROI on your hires contact us today.